Trusty Bell (Eternal Sonata in the U.S.) demo in Japanese Marketplace

According to a forum member, the demo is now in the Japanese XBOX Live Marketplace available for download. It is also in English.

"wow the game is amazing. combat system is just fun and the game looks amazing. Im definitly jumping on the hype train.

You basically get a time gauge to perform as many real-time attacks as you can with each party member. Then the enemy gets there turn, you can actually defend and time button press's so that you take less or no damage.

Again the game looks AMAZING. Crazy how the 360 is getting these type of games. Im liking this much more then Blue Dragon."

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The quote above is from the original thread starter in post #5

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predator4269d ago

You can still set up an jap account and download it, then switch back to ur english account and the whole thing will be in english

sepiroth64268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

The demo is realy good,but technicaly(altough the artstyle is better) it is nowhere near Blue Dragon(IMO).

Ban Me4268d ago

I reside in the UK so my main XBL account is obviously for the UK.

Now, I also have US and Jap account which I used to use for demos and any other free content.

However, since the recent update I'm lead to believe that MS have put some kind of teritory control in place to prevent people from one region downloading content from another. Due to licencing issues with content etc.

The thing is I have also hear conflicting reports as to weather or not this control is actually in place yet.

So, would anyone (who doesnt live in Japan!) be so kind as to confirm that they can get this demo and that it works?

Much appreciated,

Ban Me

predator4268d ago

like i said in my first post, u can

sepiroth64268d ago

You can download the demo without any trouble,bacause im from Europe as well and i downloaded the demo recently.

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