PC Gamer only gives Halo 2 - 6.6/10

PC Gamer recently reviewed Halo 2 which is coming out as Vista only and supports the live service allowing both xbox and PC gamers to compete with eachother online.

They didn't seem impressed summarising "Halo 2, you see, isn't truly awful, it's just achingly, repulsively mediocre, with a galumphing, clumsy story, poorly orchestrated action and bad music" finally giving the game only 6.6/10.

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eques judicii4202d ago

halo 2 vista doesn't allow xbox players to compete with pc players...

but it doesn't really surprise me that its not getting great reviews... the games 3 years old, and there are much better games now on PC.

JsonHenry4202d ago


Halo is great for people who have never played better (console only guys I am talking to you)FPSes. But to those of us that also play PC games - the game has always been mediocre at BEST. Lame is what MOST of us call it.

PS3 Owns All4202d ago

Something realistic! Halo 2 is not as great as Halo 1. Halo 2 was just overhyped by X Box fans.

WilliamRLBaker4202d ago

And while I dont disagree or agree with it, It seems to only deal with the single player experience, which every one knows in halo 2 wasn't what it could have been, halo 2 was more multiplayer better then singleplayer.

Vojkan4202d ago

6.6 as it should! It is 3 year old game that doesn't look any better than it does on xbox

smeg0rz4202d ago

a PC game, and didnt go exclusive to consoles it would have flopped, sorry but it's such an over hyped game, it's only because it was the first decent online FPS for consoles, everyone like me who was playing Counter-Strike on the PC and UT, just laffed at Halo.. Sorry.

candystop4202d ago

Halo would not of flopped and is not overrated! UT and CS in my opinion and others are laughable in comparison! Those two games are your typical unbalanced floating cursor games! Halo has a great story and the best multiplayer set up ever! If you don't get it you never will but don't knock something just because you don't like it and act like you know what would of become of it!

Bonsai12144202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

yeah, halo was the first "standout" console shooter. but when compared to the giants of PC fps, it can't hold a candle. it can't match the speed and intensity of a UT or Quake III Arena match, and it can't match the skill of a CS 1.6 match

hmmm.. person who disagreed with the initial response and all of the reply people.. care to explain why you hit the button?

AuburnTiger4202d ago

You’re spot on with that comment. Halo on the console was the next Goldeneye type game. Halo was like the one of the only games at the time that allowed multiplayer with multiple consoles. If this was just PC only game, it definitely would not have done well.

JsonHenry4202d ago

Amen Brotha! Anyone who has played a PC FPSer since Doom 2 knows Halo is overhyped console crap. It just happened to be the first decent FPS on the Xbox and that is why it is loved so much by console boys.

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PS360WII4202d ago

okay so this guy is miffed over something when he wrote the artical. His flame might have something to do with the fact that this is, what, 2 1/2 years old and needs Vista to run (I'm not flaming Vista I'm just saying don't you think xp can run it?). Halo 2 was a long time coming to PC and it's finally arriving with only a few months till H3 comes out. So really any PC only person is going to have a few issues over this one. Just a little torqued that they are getting left out most likely. I do agree though H1 was better than H2 (IMO! please do kill me for saying that, just saying) but to give H2 a 6.6 I wouldn't even go that far.

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The story is too old to be commented.