Co-Optimus: Uncharted 2 Gold Rush Co-Op Mode Gameplay Video and Impressions

For those of you that pre-ordered Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, you now have access to an exclusive beta of the game which features a few multiplayer modes. Among those modes is the new co-op mode called Gold Rush. The goal of this mode is to steal a treasure and bring it to a capture point, all the while avoiding waves of enemies. Each successive capture increases the difficulty and number of enemies. Like other survival and Horde type mode, we found this to be quite entertaining.

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Kurisu3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

I played through co-op last night with a guy on my friends list, and another who joined the lobby. It's very fun, although it ends kind of abrubtly after you kill the enemy (although I'm sure the story will continue in the full game).

Gold Rush seems alright, but the enemies are AI. It would have been nice to have a Gold Rush mode against other players, as well as having the AI mode.

EDIT: For those of you who haven't played this game, the screenshots and video don't do the game justice AT ALL!

Ravage273953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

and i thought that they were absolutely GORGEOUS. Are you saying that they look even BETTER when you play it?? :p

umair_s513953d ago

is the mode playable alone? i.e. in single player only??

Kurisu3953d ago

Well I was referring to the screenshots and videos that the link on this article take you to! They are terrible...

...I just went to gametrailers to look at what you've been looking at, and they are very good quality!

But it still looks better on a bigger TV screen :D

rbluetank3953d ago

me and two other guy's were only able to get to round 6. the game is very fun and hard as h#ll at level 6. i wish they make this 5 coop mode. i can not see people making it to round ten if there is a round ten.. people who played this modes knows how hard it is after round 6... i love this game and the beta is a blast!!