Namco Bandai's TGS 2009 lineup

Namco Bandai have announced their plans for TGS 2009.

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jay23947d ago

No PSP build of Tekken 6? that's odd.

knox3947d ago

is there any differences in the psp version?

knox3947d ago

i wonder why namco has a lot of old games here

Why Dat3946d ago

OoOo, that's a fair amount of PSP releases. Good stuff!

dalibor3946d ago

Who else is going to get Tekken 6? I plan on getting it but I hope that the connection is somewhat stable for online play. That Tekken force mode(where you fight multiple enemies) reminds me of the Bouncer & Fighting Force. Been a long time since those games were released haha. Damn time flies.

tawak3946d ago

still no naruto shippuuden ultimate ninja on ps3!

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