GDC Austin: PSP Minis Drop Features To Hasten Approval Time

At GDC Austin on Wednesday, Sony confirmed that the bite-sized PSP Mini digital download games will not be allowed to have wireless multiplayer functionality, downloadable content, or software updates.

Sony Computer Entertainment America senior account manager Justin Cooney said that the decision to bar the features is to "accelerate the approval process."

"When you look at it from a testing perspective, you have to do more QA. [Allowing those features] would defeat the purpose of having a dedicated service for smaller content," he told Gamasutra after a GDC session. "It increases the barriers." While Sony is barring wireless multiplayer, there are announced Mini games that have "hotseat" multiplayer in which players can swap the handheld and take turns.

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sloth33953948d ago

If anyone thought a mini game would have full features as a real game would then they shouldn't even own a system