Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess Interview

1UP has interviewed Final Fantasy XI's game producer Hiromichi Tanaka, global online producer Sage Sundi and Treasures of Aht Urghan director Koichi Ogawa about Square Enix's recently announced Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess. Here's a snippet from the article:

1UP: What I think is great about another expansion is seeing that you guys are going to continue to support FFXI, and that you're not just abandoning it or letting it idle and rot while you move on to other things. Which leads me on to my next question. How long do you foresee supporting the players? There are a lot of players who have spent five years now playing the game. What's the big picture plan for FFXI?

HT: There haven't been many changes to the development process since the beginning of the game, and because there are so many players that keep playing and haven't stopped playing, we're going to keep making content for those people. As long as there are people playing we're going to make new content.

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PS360WII4485d ago

I haven't even been through most of the last expansion pack! So many games out there it's hard to keep up with MMO's :( We'll see though if I hear good stuff from it I'll have to try it out

StrboyM4484d ago

very nice read. i rally hope they add AF for the new jobs, my cor is at 75 and sitting thier with nothing to do... also id like to see beastmaster get that long overdue update, i still dont feel uber

sumfood4u4484d ago

I was a level 75 Summoner, 37 Whm, 56, Blu. ect ect. this game is fun, I hate the fact that making money was real ridicules. Anyways alot has changed in this game even after I stopped playing FFXI. But if u like challenges than go for it!