AMD supports OpenCL Bullet; Are Havok and PhysX in trouble?

Recent developments in the ongoing saga of Directx 11 graphics cards shed new light onto the direction hardware and API's are going.

"Bullet Physics Library is an open source physics library that is now getting translated into OpenCL, thanks to the effort of companies such as AMD [who offered support to developers]. Somehow, we feel that this announcement was the highlight of the launch event for the upcoming Evergreen generation of graphics cards."

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darkmurder3944d ago

Yeah somehow I don't think open source is gonna do that great, I mean open source is great but it always comes up short against professional products such as PhysX

Pandamobile3945d ago

Pixelux are the guys that created DMM (digital molecular matter).

This could get interesting.

Gitaroo3945d ago

its supported by any cpu right? so doesn't matter.

Fanbot3945d ago

And PhysX>Any Other PhysX Engine.

ChozenWoan3945d ago

I don't find this too surprising as Bullet Physics is used by both Blender and Phyre Engine (Sony's game engine). So it was only a matter of time before Bullet Physics we further endorsed by a major graphics hardware company.