Stop the pre-order bonus madness.

"Pre-order bonuses are video games publishers' latest fad; free items in exchange for your commitment to buying their products early.

Whether you're in the high street or online, browse through the upcoming games release lists and I guarantee you'll come across numerous offers promising you a variety of goodies in exchange for a small deposit and your phone number (if only other areas of life were so generous!).

In the past the bonuses tended to be some kind of game related trinket, a key ring perhaps or maybe a little figure, and this was both fair and more than enough incentive for most ardent fans to commit to a purchase before a games release.

Now though things have become rather more complicated with the introduction of pre-order in-game bonuses, and to be quite frank, I've had enough."

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PataponKnight3948d ago

The only preorder goodies that I think are worth it are the early access betas and demos, everything else is meh.

Goomba123948d ago

Actually I didn't think of the betas so you are right about that but still

Goomba123948d ago

Have to agree with the article actually, Funny thing is usually the preorder bonuses are lame to begin with, or unlock in game stuff you could have unlocked your self.