15 Most Cinematic Gaming Moments

Total Film have decided to celebrate the moments when games and movies converge, creating scenes that'd look as good on cinema screens as they do on a TV. So, rest your joypad on one knee, rest your DVD remote on the other knee, and join in. How many have you played?

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Goomba123856d ago

Have to disagree about the Bioshock one as it really have more to do with the movie Metropolis given the art deco references in the game.

Other than that good list.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33856d ago


And how the hell did Res2 make this list? If anything that game reminded me of ID4, not predator.

JonnyBadfinger3856d ago

droids approaching in....3.....2.....1....

xbots defending in ....3.....2....1.....

monkey sh*t fight imminent.

Model3856d ago

you pathetic in 3.. oh you already are

Deadman643856d ago

I'm kinda surprised as well, the whole thing was a movie

foxtheory3856d ago

I disagree with some, but overall it's a good list. I'd have to say, though, and MGS4 had the most cinematic experience in any game I've ever played. I hope to see a lot more games like that in the future that set an atmosphere and tone like MGS4 did.

xabmol3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

I'm sorry, but a list of "Most Cinimatic Gaming Moments" without HS is just... well you know.

This seems like a list of games that reminded someone of a move. Not a "Top List."

Jdoki3856d ago

Agreed. A helluva lot of the game was really cinematic. The camera direction in the cutscenes was some of the best I have seen.

remanutd553856d ago

gamers have spoken , Heavenly Sword should be there and sony please i want my Heavenly Sword 2 after God of War 3 make it happen , thank you

dalibor3856d ago

Hell yeah I will never forget the part at the end against the final boss. That was just crazy, bodies flying everywhere haha(resembles LOTR, 300 & maybe Troy). This list is good, it shows how games & movies can relate to one another & if done right can produce a great experience. There's a lot of epic moments but at least some of them were brought up in this article. Better than nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.