New screenshots and details for Nier RepliCant

Today Square Enix released a few screenshots and some details about Nier RepliCant that will be released as a PS3 exclusive in 2010 side by side with it's twin game Nier Gestalt, that will be an Xbox 360 Exclusive.

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N4G king4936d ago

is this on for the PS3 or the 360 ?

lol SE really got to do something in here
why they don't just change the names to something like this

Nier triple ( for the ps3 )
Nier circle ( for the xbox360 )

there problem solved

and can someone PLZ tell me if the stories are related ??
cus the PS3 owners got to have a 360 and the 360 version to know the rest of the story
and the 360 owners have to get a ps3 and the ps3 version to know the rest of the story

looks like a win-win to me

Abriael4936d ago

Read the article :D This is PS3 exclusive, Gestalt is 360 exclusive, setting is the same, main character is named nier in both. In the 360 one he has to save his wife, while in the PS3 one he has to save his little sister. Nothing else is known.

Jamegohanssj54936d ago

This is the PS3 version story.

It's cool to see Raiden in his young days.


N4G king4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

yah ive noticed that
but i still mix them
i'll need some time to get used to the names

so its about the same guy
so they are related in some way

he dose look like him

Abriael4936d ago

it might NOT be about the same guy. They have the same name, and that's all we know. Given that one has to save the lil sister and the other his wife, it's very possible that they just share the name.

coolfool4936d ago

the guy in one is the original guy and the guy in the other is a RepliCant?

kalebgray924936d ago

better have a beast story

Chubear4936d ago

.. I really didn't see anything in those visuals to be excited about. I really think SE is pretty much just riding on past reputation glory. To me, they don't seem to really hack the mustered for true top quality current gen gaming experiences.

freeblue4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

people don't see through square lies?? they learnt their mistakes of not pissing off their fanbases while at the same time, able to recieve paychecks from ms for "time exclusive." By going with two names, they can release xbox version out first. and since it isn't the same name, Ps3 fanbose won't feel like being betrayed. And SQ can then decide if they want to release ps3 version after that (depending on, how big ms checks is, how many Xbox version sells, how much more money they want to milk out of ps3).

orgin of the word replicant related to the word replicating, as in duplicating, as in PORTing.

GameGambits4936d ago

I'll be the first to admit I was full on ripping on this game based off of the only trailer we had before these screen shots. If it was up to me and I worked at SE I would have NEVER shown that first trailer. That trailer made the game look like the biggest piece of crap since Superman for the N64.

These new screen shots though show a great art style. The lead character looks surprisingly awesome, and my favorite screenshot was the last one. The younger kid with glasses standing in front of that crazy demon monster.

Far from sold, but I will admit to doing a 180 on this game. I'm actually interested now about it. :)

Abriael4936d ago

I have to actually agree with Zlatko. The first pictures that were shown were kinda generic and meh. Now the game seems to be shaping up to something interesting. Hopefully nier Gestalt and Nier replicant will be different enough to warrant purchasing and playing both.

ShadowRyuX4936d ago

And no I am not being biased as I am getting a the MW2 Elite Bundle and will be buying both Gestalt and RepliCant most likely (Unless there is a reason as to why buying both would be pointless, but I doubt that). Just something about these screens click more with me than the ones I saw of Nier Gestalt (Which was when it was just Nier).

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SpoonyRedMage4936d ago

Looks good and I think giving each side one each is a good idea but now I just have to wait for the predictable "Gestalt>Replicant&quo t; and "Gestalt has only 54.2% of the content of replicant" comments.

mastiffchild4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

Yuo don't know how right you are. SE must have seen noone gave too cacks for the game so decided, cleverly, to set up the whole caboose as a flame war game(s)!

Just wait for the comparison articles and millions fighting over a game very few will buy on either console.

Incidentally did SE look at the two demographics, decide the PS3 owners are more likely to have kids and set theirs about saving a young lass? And thought 360 owners, being younger, would care more about their love interest? It's an odd situation, imo, and I'll need to see a lot more to be that interested either way.

EDIT:Wonder how different they'll be and will we see people with noth consoles trading in one copy for the other consoles when they're done? Is this move THAT clever-the games will have to be amazing if that's the aim!

Cloud Strife VII4936d ago (Edited 4936d ago )

Nier RepliCant IS exclusively FOR PS3 -(THE HD(It Only Does Everything) VERSION OF Nier)

Nier Gestalt IS exclusively FOR XBOT360-(THE SD(DOWNGRADED) VERSION OF Nier)

ps12&3lover4936d ago


dragonelite4936d ago

whahaha both console will be sub hd dumb ass.

TOO PAWNED4936d ago

Future article from Destructoid
"How Gestalt is blatantly better than RepliCant"
by Jim Sterling

RealityCheck4936d ago

There sure has been a lot of strange choices that defy logic going on at Square Enix the last few years.

ultimolu4936d ago

Yeah. :/

It looks okay. Nothing mindblowing.

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