Can Nintendo compete with Halo 3: ODST and Modern Warfare 2?

Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, answers the question of whether Nintendo can compete with the likes of Halo 3: ODST and Modern Warfare 2.

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DelbertGrady3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Does it have to? It(the Wii) doesn't cater to that audience anyways.

mastiffchild3946d ago

Well, personally, I feel they can do, if they want. MP3 is a great game, imo like all the metroid AND Prime games and was only lacking some online MP-which they could easily add with the next game they get from Retro(Hunters managed well on DS, no?).

While I'm no big fan of COD games(don't like the controls that much)I've always been a Halo fan and felt the last Halo wasn't as much fun in SP as MP3 was.

They might not get the sales figures those games do on PS360 but in terms of gameplay quality and esp artstyle I think a fully featured FPS Metroid(built on the Space Pirates idea or maybe Dread)made at Retro could compete and cope okay, why not? Wii connect might be an issue but with some care on the servers(like Capcom managed with MH3 apparently)it should be done-there's enough fans of the series already and it would surely get bigger with multiplayer added.

Product3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

The Core? I think Nintendo should stop focusing on the core all together. I have never seen in my over 20 years of video game playing seen a generation go to as much hell as this one.

If you are looking for a creative "core" game with a high level of art and intriguing story, get ready for low sales no matter what system your own and if your costs are to high say goodbye to your job just like the dozens of studios have this generation.

Dont' believe me? Look at what sales? Sequels and familiar IP's. Madden, Cod, Halo, Guitar Hero,GT,FF,MGS, Monster Hunter, Ico was a great game and how did that sell? How about Okami on Ps2? Unfortunate but true.

Until the casuals start affectign the close of studios if i were Nintendo from a business perspective i wouldn't care much for the core. These are the same people who trade in their used games, rent games, borrow games, mod their systems to get free games, etc. If the core was as powerful as we thought P3 sales would be through the roof, and not just this month, every month since it launched. The Core should not have let the Xbox get below the Wii in price.

Nintendo has seen the writings on the wall for their company and it starts and ends with casuals and non gamers. The sad true sure, but the truth none the less.

Smacktard3946d ago

It's a sad story, Product. True, but sad :(

mastiffchild3946d ago

But we're not talking about EVERY "core" game here are we? FPS games sell like mad on 360 and PS3. All we're asking here is whether Nintendo could have one of their own selling like a Halo or a COD or at least competing feature and gameplaywise.

Why wouldn't casuals eventually want new experiences as well? We all started as fairly casual about gaming and few of us would be content now playing the same few games we started with, would we? Why do we just feel that these newer gamers won't want something more in depth when they've been playing the more casual stuff for a while? We all did.

We also don't know just how long the Wii noom will last, whether it will change or anything. Ninty's best ideas are the ones where it looks like theu're helping both sets of gamer(like with the "help" button gaming patented for Zelda)-also who's to say that Madworld WOULDN'T have sold like mad if there'd been a demo on the Wii? Many games from 3rd parties have had to live via word of mouth on the console and the continued lack of support for the more mature games from Nintendo make this more common.

My seven year old lad spent an age playing Wii sports a year or two back but tired of Sports resort in a few weeks, for example, and now, because he sees me playing them, is into some jrpgs etc-it's often ignorance of products that mean they fail badly on the Wii. People say Ico/Okami failed as PS2 is mainly a casual console but the same was true then , imo,people who aren't avid gamers just didn't know about the games whether they would have liked them or not.

It'll be interesting to see if new gamers keep coming in the numbers they have for Wii-I can't see it-and I just think most will jack it in if they don't find new gaming experiences to keep them hooked. "Core" is just a lazy label that saves typing, imo, and used for lack of anything better nuy I don't see there always being a casual/core divide and more a new/older gamer situation.

D4RkNIKON3946d ago

The short answer is no.. I just traded in my wii

bpac1234567893946d ago

In sales: NO.
In quality: No.
In Fun: NO.
In gameplay: NO.
In generic games that never change: Absolutely! Nitendo's been making the same exact games for the last couple of decades. How many pokemon, mario, zelda, and metroid prime games are we going to see before something new and innovative comes along?

edgeofblade3946d ago

No. Wii cannot compete with FPS games. I don't care how much you want to marry Samus... using the pointer to turn is NOT an acceptable solution.

EvilTwin3946d ago

edgeofblade -- If you can't turn with IR/pointer controls, that's on you, not the game. The remote/nunchuck is as close as a console has gotten to mouse/keyboard control. Dual analog has always been clunkier than the PC equivalent.

Product -- I only half agree with you. If you are looking for creativity in new IP's, then yes, it isn't the best time. Okami got two shots on the two best-selling consoles of their respective gens, but it was still anemic on the market. But there is innovation in some places in established IP's -- the move from WWII clearly benefited COD4, putting Mario in spherical worlds rejuvenated 3D platformers, Metroid Prime finally plays smooth with a new control scheme, adding some light philosophy to the plot of Bioshock made it truly stand out among FPS games, etc.
Plus, in some other thread, I think we came up with 14 first-party core releases from Nintendo this gen. That's a brisk pace. A 50-hour Zelda and a 20-hour Metroid aren't made for casuals.

ChickeyCantor3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

" How many pokemon, mario, zelda, and metroid prime games are we going to see before something new and innovative comes along?"

As long people want them.
And innovation does not mean it has to be new from every aspect.

Nintendo brought allot innovation with their own franchises along those 20 years. Obviously the avarage " hardcore" gamer here on n4g never played most of the marios of zelda to even see the innovation with in the games.

FPS games are called innovative with every new game.
Yet from the outside its just a Doom clone isn't it? From the inside differenst story. Same goes for the marios and zeldas.

But whatever.

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N4G king3946d ago

"Can Nintendo compete with Halo 3: ODST and Modern Warfare 2?"

mario and pokemon says hi

AKNAA3946d ago

Along with WII FIT! This game is dangerous man!.... Well, in terms of sales anyway.

Product3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

He says nothing about Halo or Modern Warefare in that interview

Product3946d ago

I have 2 disagrees now for noticing Halo and CoD not being in the interview this article is based upon? Righteous.

PataponKnight3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

I just gave you a disagree for disagreeing with the disagrees :D

Product3946d ago

You son of a b!tch. :P

Valay3946d ago

Okay, first, this is not an article, it's a new piece. Second, the description of this submission makes your point is irrelevant.

The main question was, "Do you see yourself really competing alongside those big heavy hitters like Halo 3: ODST and Modern Warfare 2. Or are you selling something entirely different?"

And Reggie responded to that. Your point is silly in that you're claiming that if, for example:

Someone asks: Do you like cookies?
Then someone responds: I like all desserts.

You're going to say that the person who responded doesn't like cookies (and didn't respond to the question) just because he didn't mention the word cookies?

Product3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Interesting you brought cookies into this, i love cookies. It is unfortunate that journalists like Adam and others in this industry still don't get the Wii and Nintendo. I find everytime someone asks reggie about the "Core" games he reiterates the same wider audience speech.

BTW Valay I just like messing with you lol, the best part of the whole interview is actually this sentence:

"We are going to contiue to raise the bar, and let our competitors follow the best way they can."

Best part because this is exactly Why Nintendo WONT compete. If competitors follow they will simple move in a zigzag pattern where Sony nor Microsoft will know where they will go next.

I find it funny how Nintendo showed off the Vitality Sensor at E3 and yet recently Sony has patented an idea where the device will respond to your emotions whether it be scared, tense, etc.

Nintendo will continue to have ideas up their sleeves and when the competition uses them Nintendo will simple go to another idea that the video game industry is currently not getting.

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IDetonation3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

No, No, and No.

As if competing with these games is tough enough, what the Ps3 has coming is gonna blow Nintendo out of the water.
Peace out Nintendo.

Well with all these titles coming out, i don't see the reasoning [or the fun for that matter] for buying a Wii.
Its basically not even a game console anymore.
Nintendo Wii digital exercise module.
"Giving fat people hope all over the world."

Product3946d ago

What is that by chance?

IDetonation3946d ago

I almost thought you were serious.
Good one.
I had a good laugh.

Oh, you cant forget about,
Heavy Rain
L4D2 etc...
Nintendo has ran its course.
Its a mom system.

MegaPowa3946d ago

that's what you said last year you guys sound like broken records watch your self's get kicked in the nads again this year

WiiFit3946d ago

I'm gonna destroy all your game sales MUAHHAHAH >:D

Nintendo Wii3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Wow. FAIL of an article.
This isn't even a contest.
MW2 will only sell 10,000 cuz of WiiFit. Guaranteed.
Same with ODSQUEER.
This article is kind of embarrassing...


Wow ur so gay.
And in denial.
Go jerk off to ur LAST GEN systems.

bpac1234567893946d ago

Modern warfare sold well over 10 million and halo 3 sold 10 million. Both games will sell more than 10,000 within the first 10 minutes. Your comment was stupid and biased. Also name me one quality game that nitendo has that can compete with anything the ps3 or 360 has coming. And i mean In QUALITY, not sales.

mfwahwah3946d ago


A game with over one million preorders will only sell 10,000 copies because of Wii Fit!

Thanks for the laugh.

WiiFit3946d ago

Yeah. I'm that good >.>

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