Asda slashes 360 software prices

Ahead of its 2007 Q1 financial update tomorrow, Asda has stated that it is to embark upon a fresh price war against its supermarket rivals, and aggressive discounting on Xbox 360 software appears to be leading the way.

Asda Online is currently offering a number of Xbox 360 titles at just £12.97, including Kameo, Prey and Gun. A number of other titles are also heavily discounted, including Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires for £13.97, Splinter Cell: Double Agent for £15.97 and Ninety-Nine Nights for £16.97.

A number of games are also discounted to £17.97, including F.E.A.R., Lego Star Wars II, Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and Football Manager 2007.

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nice_cuppa4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

is anything better than great games cheap >?

look at what i found ! ( real tech guys only )



calderra4485d ago

Asda? Uhhh... who the hell are they, and why is this news?

T-Virus4485d ago

The biggest shop in the UK, or maybe Tesco's is, but they're both massive.

BrotherSic4485d ago

Asda was bought by Wal-Mart but they decided to keep the brand name. 2nd biggest suppermarket chain in the UK with Tesco been the first.

Tesco holds nearly double the marketshare that Asda holds.

gta_cb4485d ago

dude if only i read your comment lol, i have put somewhere below asking if asda is only in the UK as i live here and didnt know about places like USA haha!

gta_cb4485d ago

didnt know they brought asda, so as they brought them shouldnt asda get some good price deals like Wal-Mart gets? (i think im only wishfully thinking lol)

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Capt CHAOS4485d ago

They are only selling some of the older titles, the latest ones aren't any cheaper than something like

Sure, I don't expect them to be as is online retailer. But rainbow six vegas for 34.97 when it can be had for 21.95 from I would not call them cheap and looking at the new game prices I don't see them being much cheaper than tesco.

gta_cb4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

yeh see what you mean, but then for people just wanting to get there GAMERSCORE up this is perfect lol.

oh and is specific for gaming (also other things) etc, asda isnt so its understandable it not going to beat them

gta_cb4485d ago

is this only available online?

also im not sure what shops are available in other places except where i live, so this deal which countries does this effect?
i live in the UK and there asda everywhere, but then there are some places in USA aswell and only do deals over there =(