Batman: Arkham Asylum – The Lost Gamer Review

The Lost Gamer writes "The Batman franchise has seen a recent resurgence following two fantastically successful blockbuster films. When Warner Bros. announced last year that a Batman title would be published by Eidos in partnership with Rocksteady Studios, I have to admit to being initially very sceptical that it would succeed. It wasn't a lack of faith in either company, but a worry that the game would inevitably fail to meet the demand from long-term fans of DC Comics' famed Caped Crusader – myself included! I should therefore take this initial opportunity to state that Batman: Arkham Asylum doesn't just deliver on every level, it will totally blow you away.

The storyline within the game opens with Batman returning to Gotham City's 'Arkham Asylum' having successfully captured his arch enemy, The Joker. The Asylum, at this time, also holds all of the other villains that the fabled Dark Knight has locked up, yet his suspicion arises due to the Joker having put up little resistance during capture. It soon becomes apparent that a trap has been long planned, seeing Batman himself become imprisoned within the hallowed walls of the Asylum, leaving him with no choice other than to subdue to the Joker's crazy schemes."

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