SFX-360: Razer Moray PAX 09 Edition Review

SFX-360 writes: "Receiving my Moray+'s in the mail was like Christmas. Any new tech that arrives in the KONA household is like a holy affair, wash hands, eat, use the bathroom, then to the Man Cave with door locked(keeps kids away), so I may enjoy the new toy without interruption.

Now to the awesomeness, the packaging on the Moray+ is clean and straightforward. The box explains how and why they sound so good, and what is in the box. Headphones with Omni directional microphone, adapters for PSP (200/300 series), Ds/DSi, iPhone, and Net book/laptop, as well as a standard 3.5 adapter for most MP3 players. Having the neoprene case is plus as well, with it separate compartments for all the parts. You also get 3 different size headphone ear plugs. I found the medium size to be the most comfortable.

All the parts in the pack are covered in a nice rubberized finish and branded for PAX 09. Including the embroidered "PAX09" logo on the neoprene case. The one thing I did not really care for was the blue color, being the PAX branded is the reason, as it is thier color, the standard edition are black and green..."

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