New Store Icons Pushing PSN Sales?

Hope you all like the new PlayStation Store icons that have popped up on the XMB, as well as the 'What's New' section.

According to a certain developer, it's driving sales way up.

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sinncross3953d ago

While I do believe this has helped drive PSN sales a little, I'm sure much of it has to do with he large surplus of new PS3 owners.
It goes hand-in-hand with one another.

But good news for devs nevertheless, hopefully more good content hits the PSN.

Cwalat3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Agreed, very good news. This should mean alot of indie devs will see potential in releasing games on the PSN.

Also, now hopefully alot more DLC will come for PSN aswell.

And dare i dream, after GOWIII has ended Santa Monica Studios hopefully will create PSN mini games from GOW universe. Cause in all honesty, if GOW ends after III then i end aswell.

Lifendz3953d ago

Good point. Have a bubble

remanutd553953d ago

i really want sony to let Santa Monica Studios take charge of Heavenly Sword 2 if Ninja Theory wont do it i think they are the best developers to bring back Nariko from a long sleep lol , i really want HS2 to become a reality

koehler833953d ago

I haven't bought anything since the update. The video store icon to nowhere really pisses me off.

sirbigam3953d ago

So this is basically regurjitation of another article that just talks about how it helps sales, so unnecessary.

MajorJackHoff3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

You know what else was unnecessary? That pointless post you just made.

Anyway, yeah. The PS3 is doing it big.

sirbigam3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

I guess my response was pointless enough for yu to replay, now go hope off ya bloke.

Sarcasm3952d ago

Another pointless post commenting on a pointless post about a pointless article.

Now what happens? It spawned my pointless post.

lol :)

LONEWOLF2313952d ago

Quite off topic BUT does anyone know if the Sigma 2 demo was put up on the Japanese Marketplace??

vincentvegawchz3952d ago

I think half a million extra PS3's might have something to do with it.

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