Australian Halo 3 Beta Event, Riding in style

Microsoft held a Halo 3 Beta showing at their HQ today, and MyGEN were one of the lucky groups to have the opportunity to ride in huge ass hummers participate in the Halo 3 Beta two days early.

At 2:15 PM, two Limousine Hummers aka Hummerzines, rolled up to pick up the guests from the Queen Victoria Building bus stands, and boy did they turn heads. Filled with drinks, Ebony and Ivory (or so I like to call them) transported us all the way to Epping to give the upcoming Halo 3 Beta a bash. Upon arrival, all guests were given ghetto name badges to help us get acquainted with one another, then we were all shoved upstairs in the Halo Themed Digital Lifestyle room.

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Clinton5144175d ago

WTF is up with people and the misusing of the word ghetto. Someone should leave their ass in a ghetto over night so that they can finally understand.

related to the article:
Nice hummer. :\

gta_cb4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

i like that hummer in the pic, always wanted to drive in one of them, or be driven lol =)