MGS: Peace Walker TGS Demo Detailed

Konami details the TGS and downloadable Peace Walker demo.

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ftwrthtx3945d ago

on the PSN at the same time.

Christopher_Walken3945d ago

I wish. But I am skeptical about a public demo.

Still, welcome to the rebirth of the PSP.

Dutch Boogie3945d ago

Can't wait to play this. I must admit my psp slim has been gathering dust for quite some time now.

StrboyM3945d ago

1 because its MG 2. because its MG

Batzi3945d ago

was that even necessary? :P Couldn't you express your enthusiasm otherwise? :)

dantheman15153945d ago

I've yet to finish MGS4 and he's already putting out this game, and Metal Gear Rising.I wish he would make a new IP already, rather than a crappy game on a PSP.

Sound familiar SDF?

Batzi3945d ago

Dude, yet to finish MGS4? guess what, the game was out back in June 12th 2008. You had all the time to finish it and milk it. and a crappy game on PSP? Are you kidding? Haven't you played Portable Ops? that was far from crappy. Peace Walker is looking to be 10 times better and Kojima has his full hands on it unlike Portable Ops which turned out to be awesome. More Metal Gear games are algamways welcomed. He is working on Castlevania: Lords of Shadows, assisting the team at MercurySteam and he is announcing his new game at this year's TGS which is a game that he always wanted to do. 4 games from Kojima, what more do you want? And NO the franchise is not been milked. Peace Walker is the missing link of Big Boss' story which will explain how he got involved into making Outer Heaven. Rising will be introducing the story of Raiden in the Metal Gear franchise so this is completely new aswell.

Redempteur3945d ago

it's kojima fault that you didn't have the time to finish a 20 hours action game released one year ago ?

Well done ..i laughed

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gintoki7773945d ago

first of all its not a crappy psp game and now blame microsoft because they want metal gear games too =( the series isnt milked compared to other series.