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Kyle Fletcher writes, "Millions of people are looking forward to the upcoming game from Bungie, Halo 3: ODST. In ODST you mainly play as The Rookie, and Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. In the opening sequence, you and your squad are preparing to drop into battle, when all of a sudden something goes wrong. You and your squad are all separated upon crash landing on New Mombasa. Throughout the game, you, as the Rookie are walking around trying to find clues as to what happened to your fellow ODSTs. Whenever you find one of these clues, which are bright yellow in the VISR, you go to a short clip of said person, and then jump into the person's body and play through what you just saw in the clip. And that's basically the game. You're going around learning about what happened to all your squad mates after the crash landing on New Mombasa."

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Ichiryoka3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

I'm not sure if this is legit...I'm really not. If not then sorry for posting it. I saw someone link it and was wondering why it was not up, soooo... I submitted it. It looks legit... umm...if not We'll just take it down in due time.

Edit: Yeah I noticed the sites name, and I even looked around a bit in there. They actually cover news on all systems and whatnot, but...I'm still not sure yet.

wxer3319d ago

this is the 2nd review that says the same thing

Pandemic3319d ago

LOL, they gave this game a good score.

Although anything that has Halo in it will sell well.....

Megan Fox3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

@ wxer

this is the 2nd review that says the same thing

Yeah. this one been from a Wii site and the other one from a website that is an Open Content Network. Not too legit if you ask me.

@ below

both reviews come from questionable site, no, let me put this better, one comes from a questionable site (Wiispace) and the first review came from an Open Content Network (Associate Content) in other words a blog. Again not to legit if you ask me.

@ below

what spin, i guess that the word people use now when they dont have anything to say.

3319d ago
Filet of Children3319d ago

Yeah, I call shenanigoats on this review.

When you look at the site's name, then look at how it contradicts itself ('It feels different, you're slower, you can't jump as high; But it's exactly the same as Halo 3!'), the article just leaves a foul taste...

I'm not saying whether the game is good or bad, I haven't played it yet. Just that this is a rubbish review.

HolyOrangeCows3319d ago

They review plenty of other stuff without bias
the diction sounds correct.

I think they over reacted a little to the short length, but it seems legit to me.

HolyOrangeCows3319d ago

''Welcome to, a great place for all your gaming needs and information from around the industry. Our title may have the word Wii in it, but rest assured we are a multi-platform gaming community''

tuglu_pati3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

This review is poorly writen, when you got sentences like this one,

"I noticed that my friend’s TV made it a lot darker than my TV did."

makes you wonder if this was written by a professional or a random kid who downloaded the game illegally.

mythamp3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

This game, will honestly destroy the brand that is HALO, HALO wars was pretty bad, and when the mass start playing this one, they will always think twice before falling for the "HALO" trick.

This is really sad, I blame MS for this, they over did this title, I honestly loved playing Halo 1, 2 and 3, but it has become reckless now.

this is painful to see.

Oh and I honestly hated the Live action Ad for this, it almost seemed like it was made by 2 18yr olds who know how to work well with 3D animation softwares. It looked low budget and amature-ish.

@Bleem360: ODST can be easily found in torrent sites. Who needs MS to send them a legit "copy"

Bleem3603319d ago

MS do not send review copies to Wii sites, let alone blogs.

I call this BS - i'll wait for reviews from a reliable source.

Poor show whoever submitted this garbage!

Multi-Console Owner3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

I always question a review from a no-name website, especially when the review comes out way before any trusted source. I also doubt MS sent out a review copy to some no-name site earlier than IGN. It's the same for PS3 games.

I'll believe a particularly high or low score from IGN, GameSpot or GameTrailers but not from some no-name site before the trusted sources post their reviews. Very early reviews with surprisingly high or low review scores like this are almost always for just hits.

Remember the fake KillZone 2 review that came out like a month before any other real reviews? The one that was only forged to bring down KZ2's hype and reviews metascore. I just checked that site and they have an article titled "Exclusive KZ2 Cutscene" and it's just an embedded YouTube video LOL! Exclusive indeed...

I'm sure all the 360 fanboys will defend ODST with "This is a no-name site who just wants hits!" but then if Uncharted 2 get a low score from a site like this they'll say "A review is a review!".

I'm sure by the end of tomorrow, every comment on this article will have an equal amount of agrees and disagrees. This will happen due to the 360 fans coming to see how their anticipated game is and the PS3 fanboys coming to see whether or not they can flame the article. I'm not biased toward either console, but that's the way things work here on N4G. It's the same in both PS3 and 360 review articles. Fans of one side go to see how a game on their console scores and fanBOYS of the other console come to flame it.

@ tuglu_pati below

I agree. I don't trust some guy who downloaded an illegal copy (If that's the case) either. It's hard to tell if someone REALLY played the game since reviews don't include plot spoilers. You can't tell if the person is just pretending to review the game and is basing all of the material off of the same trailers everyone else has seen. You can't look back and say they got the ending wrong since they don't post story stuff like that.

tuglu_pati3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

@ mythamp

"@Bleem360: ODST can be easily found in torrent sites. Who needs MS to send them a legit "copy""

In that case how could you take seriously a review from a website that downloaded the game illegally?

mythamp3319d ago

I am not saying I trust this review, it was well written and all that.

I consider this review, as an opinion just like any other in this board. I have seen this game being played LIVE, and I just dont want everyone here to have high hopes about it. It isnt that AWESOME.

Multi-Console Owner3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

The reviewer listed these in the pros and cons section:

Under Pros: "I also like the fact that Bungie separated us from Master Chief. It certainly makes the whole game different, but in a good way. It adds to a new feel, being that you can’t jump as high, you do have a health bar, and that you’re not as strong as John 117."

Under Cons: "They did nothing to change the gameplay. It feels the exact same way that Halo 3 did. I think that if they are going to charge buyers $60, that the buyers should at least get some kind of change in gameplay."

So at first he said the game is entirely different from Halo 3, then he says it's exactly the same.

Also under The Ugly he says: "There are glitches everywhere in Halo 3: ODST. I noticed a lot of glitches when sniping and when walking around with a squad mate. When sniping, a lot of the time, the bullet wouldn’t do anything to my unfortunate target."

Those are some of the EXACT same glitches as the illegal leaked torrent version! The torrent version has those glitches but I doubt Bungie and MS would release a game that has incredibly obvious glitch like that so I'm sure the legit copies won't have glitches like that. Sounds like this is a review for an illegal copy.

This review's integrity is a little fishy due to it's relatively early release, poorly written material and is probably a review of an unofficial illegal copy.

Also, is a pretty dumb name for a site that covers all consoles.

I think I'm gonna make a site named and cover all three consoles :/

u got owned3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

@ mythamp

"I have seen this game being played LIVE, and I just dont want everyone here to have high hopes about it. It isnt that AWESOME. "

judging by your comment history i would say your opinion is a little bias... dont you think?

Multi-Console Owner3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

"But all in all, it’s not a terrible game, but it’s just not worth the $60 price tag that it carries."

So that warrants a review score that a terrible game would receive?

Mirror's Edge was good but incredibly short and it didn't have online or anything so most reviewers gave it 7-ish due to it's length. ODST seems similar according to this reviewer. ODST, like Mirror's Edge, is short but still pretty good so it should get a "Decent/Good" score 3/5, not a "Bad" score of 2/5. I'm not saying ODST is great or awful, I'm just saying that a solid game (according to the reviewer) shouldn't get a score that a bad game would warrant.

@ mythamp below

This is N4G, if you say the slightest thing bad about one console, you're a apparently a crazy fanboy of the other console. I'm not biased towards either console, but I have my gripes about each of them and I get called a [insert other console here] fanboy if I type out one of my complaints.

mythamp3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

@ u got owned
I have never dissed HALO or Gears of War. These two I love and respect. Other than that, I am slightly PS3 biased but still thoughtful and not a bot/fanboy. I am biased towards the PS3 as I personally believe it has the superior hardware (not cause it hazz all da gamezzz, and all the childish stuff).

Game13a13y3319d ago

apparantly, many reviewers think 60 bones are too much for this "expansion map pack"


@ Multi-Console Owner

Well said man, I totally agree with you .

Multi-Console Owner3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Glad to hear it! I like to voice my opinion and since I have nothing better to do late at night, I usually I come on here and mingle for a while which usually "includes, but is not limited to," very long comments and a lot of them. I come on during the day too, but since I have other stuff to do I usually only post like one short comment. I'm definitely coming back to this tomorrow! Fireworks! I only have 1 bubble left to contribute to this article later today :'(

On Topic: Does anyone know when the review embargo for ODST is up? I mean actually know, not "probably sometime next week". I'm very interested to see how IGN reviews this and how they view the so-called "value" of the included maps since the hardcore Halo fans already bought $30 worth of maps for this. I guess it's a good value for new Halo fans since they won't have already bought the multiplayer maps, but it's a terrible value for the old Halo fans. All of my 360 fans already have the map packs so the only extra thing ODST gives them is the one yet to be released map pack. If my math is correct, $30+$10 does not equal $60.

I see IGN saying "The campaign is short and fun, and firefight will keep you coming back time and time again, but there's really not much else here for veteran Halo players." and giving it a safe 8.0.

morganfell3319d ago

"This review is poorly writen, when you got sentences like this one,"

Oh cold and heartless irony thou art cruel indeed.

Self pwnage is priceless.

2/5. I guess people are screaming. Why? Oh that is right, numbers posted by other people whether they are industry or personal opinion matter.

360 owners, take a hard lesson from PS3 gamers, numbers do not matter. The knowledge that you hold, the experience that you have matters more than anything.

The assurance that you have the best piece of hardware offering a superior gaming experience, and the realization the title you are gaming rocks the house are infinitely more important than what any one or number of people have to say.

Of course you can only honestly feel that way if you own a PS3 but still, I am just saying...

II Necroplasm II3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

It's funny how these 2 no name sites has gotten a review copy of the game so early.

mastiffchild3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Yeou're right DW. Thing is what's gonna happen when MW2 does sell as well as COD4 in the UK? As it stands we aren't being asked, ny retailers, for the extra, BUT you can bet that Acti will be making the extra regardless with the retailers hoping(those selling cheaper) to up their profits by selling more than other retailers even though they're having to pay more to get ther copies to sell.

All that's happening when Tesco sell for £39 is they hope to recoup what they lose on the margins by selling other stuf or more copies of the game-are Acti going to see this and stop a worlwide rise? No! and will the retailer keep sucking it up? No! It's almost a fait accompli by Activision. They know the game will sell so well retailers NEED it but when they show the board the salesof the "premium" priced game they'll just send them ALL out like that and the general price of everything might well rise!

Maybe I'm missing something but as a UK gamer I qwon't get it and support the rise , however it's covered, as right now I fail to see how Acti won't get what they want if we all do. Catch 22?

EDIT:should be a reply to 3.12, D'oh!

Defectiv3_Detectiv33319d ago

I would say smaller site are just as credible as bigger ones because they are more free to give out their unbiased opinion. Its kind of hard to be unbiased when you run ODST adds on your site(IGN)

gamerdude113319d ago

These click generating reviews should not be allowed. I'm not really interested in ODST but I know that the engine + Bungie + Halo is going to be much better than a 2/5. These shameless reviews should be banned. The only reason I write this is because I know that some one off site is going to post a 2/5 for Uncharted for the same reasons. If you are a fan of gaming, you should boycott BS sites like this.

Blaze9293319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Really?....from a Nintendo site? *sigh*

Just wait till the embargo is released so we can finally see some REAL reviews.

You can tell just by reading this they didnt even play the game. Probably dont even own it. Just based a review off already known facts. There is so much detail lacking its so transparent.

rinsedog3319d ago

The gameplay is good but thats about it,story blah..voice acting decent. How do I know this? Played it. Friends house. Not impressed but, soon enough you will all see for yourself. $60(mmm nahh)

edgeofblade3319d ago

Glitches? This makes me worry a little.

As long as the gameplay is that trademark Halo gameplay, I'll be happy.

Poopface the 2nd3319d ago

So far two reviews from sites noone has ever heard of. Im sure taht these guy got their copy of halo before the real sites that people have actually heard of.

With the name wiispace I couldnt care less about their opinion of a 360 game. Also its a freaken blog that Ive never heard of ever.

I dont care about reviews or ODST really, but its funny some no name blog gives it a crappy review before any real site has given a review. Also its a wii site, regardless of what they wannt tell you. Its and some noname blog site with a review by someone whos primary console is a freaken wii. HAHAHAHHA nintendo fanboy maybe looking for hits to his no name blog.

da720izcumin3319d ago

N4G SMH!!!
all the sony fanboys are joyous, hoping and wishing, too bad this game is actually better than any other ps3 exclusive this year.
you stay classy, n4g.

The Lazy One3319d ago

That's supposed to be one of the most interesting parts of the game when you hear about ODST. It's barely mentioned (if at all... can't remember).

It also comes with enough multiplayer stuff added in to be worth half the price before the campaign and firefight are brought up.

nightfallfilms3319d ago

Did anyone else notice that all there other reviews are on a 10 point scale this one was on a 5 point scale why is that?????? Kind of strange.

Marquis_de_Sade3319d ago

Morganfell, it is possible for one fool to critcise another, you should know seeing as you're currently doing it.

u got owned3319d ago

How could anyone believe that a website breaking an embargo is legit?

It obvious this websites didn't get the official review copies from MS, leading me to believe that they downloaded their copies illegally. This and the fact that they are breaking the embargo void any kind of credibility this websites could have.

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3319d ago
sonarus3319d ago

Whats with all the ODST haters?

Sunny_D3319d ago

It's weird though. The negative reviews for the game have been coming from Nintendo sites lately. Maybe Microsoft did something to wii owners? /sarcasm

Godmars2903319d ago

Backlash for all the overrated Halo 3 reviews? The fact that it is a $40 game at a $60 price?

sonarus3319d ago

Look at the preorders. Its like over a million already. Even if its over priced halo fans still wanna play halo. So let them play. Personally i don't give a crap...too many games for me to play this yr to even manage ODST on my plate

iceice1233319d ago

A 40$ game with a 60$ price tag, get your facts straight before making such an accusation, Godmars290. It was originally going to be a straight up expansion, 2-4 hours long. It's not anymore, it ended up being a full game warranting the price tag. Another thing, Halo 3 being overrated is your opinion. No more valid than someone who thinks it deserved those scores.

Godmars2903319d ago

It was also going to be a $50 according to the devs before the official price came from MS. With many gamers saying it should have been $40. Doesn't change the fact that you're getting a damn short games who's only real difference from Halo 3 is a storyline.

sonarus3319d ago

Its likely its over priced but who cares. Halo fans are the ones buying and they aren't complaining so i don't see why we should be complaining

Godmars2903319d ago

Because we've already got idiots like Kotick openly saying game companies can put overpriced crap out and people will buy it. We don't need to give him examples proving him right.

sonarus3319d ago

Well i would like to see kotick charge more than 60 bucks for a COD game. I personally can live without COD so if he decides to charge more then guess what will happen...i won't buy. If you think its over priced don't buy end of story

aldesko3319d ago

If Halo:ODST is a full Halo game, what is Halo Reach going to be? 1.5 games?


@ sonarus

he is already charging more then $60 for MW2, he just isn't doing it yet in the US... if everyone falls for this new pricing in the UK and Eu, you can bet you will start to see the price in the US go up soon enough.

resistance1003319d ago


Note that no retailers are charging the 55quid RRP for MW2, the most expensive i've seen it is 45quid so far


@ resistance100

I know, ... when it comes to retail, hardly anyone ever charges the actual RRP for a product. It's more of a guide or official price. The actual shops will usually charge less and then say they are giving you a discount.

The point is you are still paying more. if you go to amazon, play... even the high street shops, when they normally charge £39 or 35, thats not the actual RRP. The RRP on most games is actually £49 or £44. The shops sell it for £39 so they can say its x% off, it makes it look like your getting a deal to the consumer.

In the case of MW2, they uped the RRP to £55, so they can sell it for £49 or 44 instead of the usual £39. it's still a price increase. if you want to find it somewhere cheap, the best price i have seen for MW2 was Tesco who are still doing it for £39 ( at least last time i checked )

still regardless the principal is still the same, activision are trying to flees us out of the extra £ because they know most people just don't care and will buy it anyway, once we prove them right, they will apply the same pricing to everything else. It's the way business works and it happens when consumers allow it to happen.

mastiffchild3319d ago

I'm useless! See 1.27 for what should be here. If anyone cares. You shouldn't, btw. However, basically retailers sucking up this rise hoping to cover it in sales volume doesn't alter the fact that Acti are still making as if we were paying £55. So what now? I still won't be getting it as I fear Activision will still see it as successful.

Godmars2903319d ago

Just apply the current example of ODST to a COD title. A second game released months after a full entry into the franchise that little more than a rehash with less new content, combines already released DLC while also being short that's full price of a main game.

Hell, since we are talking about Activision, has anyone forgotten how they ran Armymen in the ground? The industry never learns from its mistakes does it.

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El Botto3319d ago



Battling_boy3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

This site is filled with fanboys!!, the site isn't credible - Wait for IGN then you can call it a flop if it scores below 8. I own a PS3 btw, cause i traded my 360 for it.

topdawg1223319d ago

Ouch 2/5! too bad for the "king of fps" lol

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3319d ago

Most are BUM-LICKING M$ LOVERS!!! ;-D People should know that by now. The internet media LOVE M$. Well apart from this erm score!!! ;-D

Razzy3319d ago

Agree Sir Ken...M$ has probably already sent out the Halo ODST duffel bags to the big review sites ;-)

rawd3319d ago

Tooooooooooooooooo Humannnnnnnnnnnn

Darktimes3319d ago


General Jewels3319d ago

LOL, man PS3 trolls are so scared, that Halo 3 ODST is just around the corner, they arrpove clearly baised reviews, such as the fake AC review and now a review from a unknown Wii site. So be it PS3 trolls if this makes so happy and makes you sleep at night thats good.

As i am aware Halo destroyed Playstation brand forever it had taken away its spotlight and left it to ruins. Also Halo are games that destroyed all Playstation games, games wish they can be like Halo.....But oh well Halo games are the greatest. And cant wait for Halo 3 ODST!.

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