GR: 5 reasons why Halo 3 is going to shit all over old Halo multiplayer

With the release of Tombstone and Desolate, you'd think there'd be no reason to put down Bungie's fantastic frag-fest that is Halo 2. Until of course, the Halo 3 beta starts on the 16th. Being lucky enough to be a part of Bungie's Friends and Family scheme that started last Friday across the world, Gamesradar has been playing Halo 3 now one whole weekend - and listen to what they have said for themselves?

"Simply, Halo 3 multiplayer downright shits all over anything we've seen before and here's 5 reasons why..."

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FeralPhoenix4481d ago

Yeah, the Beta sounds better than alot of finished games....damm, I better get alot of sleep Tuesday night 'cause Wednesday night is going to be a long one.

gta_cb4481d ago

yep me neither! it comes out in just over 1 day!

God of Gaming4481d ago

The game feels solid right now, something about it.. its more polished than Halo 2 and its months from being done. The "Feel" of the game is amazing.

calderra4481d ago

Everything really does just FEEL right. The maps are intuitive. The grenade distance and arc is how it should be. The Assault Rifle is the perfect starting weapon- good enough that you don't feel helpless, but it's a jack-of-all-trades weapon so you always want something more specialized. You would prefer to have a Shotty up close, or a Carbine at range. But the AR still does reasonable well against both in most situations.

Halo 3, even in Beta form, really does just feel right. I'm not sure if I'll ever go back and play Halo 1 or 2 after this one comes out... er, well, I'll certainly play Halo 1 for story. But going back to the old multi might be too much of a stretch.

gta_cb4481d ago

yep i know how you feel, all the recent screen shots look really good!
how many people can play in one match?

nice_cuppa4481d ago

i got 4 days off and lots of supplys !


PS360PCROCKS4481d ago

Lol nice. "lots of supplies" haha

gta_cb4481d ago

lol nice comment, i actually expected comment like this from a couple people in here =)

FirstknighT4481d ago

Nice article. I cant wait. The graphics are starting to improve with every video I see and it is STILL in its beta stage. The title should be "5 reasons why Halo 3 is going to sh*t all over the PS3.

THAMMER14481d ago

Halo 3 is going to be on point BABY!! Man I'm so glad this Beta is this week.

gta_cb4481d ago

yeh would have been better maybe if in a holiday, but then again if we game during the day aswell as all night... what am i saying people are going to be playing this pretty much all day lol, but in school hours we wont get the little children annouying us while playing =D

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The story is too old to be commented.