Racial Term in DS' Scribblenauts?

Nintendo DS title Scribblenauts has players solve puzzles by writing words. The game has a database of tens of thousands of words - writing words causes objects to appear on screen. So what happens when you write "sambo"?

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Peter North3945d ago

I want to know what happens when you write "RROD"

Ninji3945d ago

If you type YLOD then it gives you suggestions with top suggestion being RROD.

mfwahwah3945d ago

YLOD: The game temporarily shuts down to prevent itself from overheating and becoming an expensive paperweight.

tehReaper3945d ago

Yeah guys, just keep acting like YLOD is not an issue. It's hilarious to see such denial.

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Peter North3945d ago

I want to put up Ads with "RRODbox-It Only Burns Everything" on the side and on the top.

Numark3945d ago

more than your 5 dollar a month allowance you get for doing good in the 7th grade

ForROME3945d ago

This is lame ridiculous article, quit talking about racism, its a joke most people who talk about it at this point are the ones who are and thats why they have problems with it, Ive seen racism on many sides from many different types, bottom line, who cares

XGRaViSmOrSX3945d ago

not to mention the fact that it is an antiquated term 99% of people have most likely only heard when regarding the MMA fighting technique.

purely sensationalist article made to draw in website hits.

ehkinoh3945d ago

When I read "Sambo" the first thing I thought of was "Fedor Emelianenko"

iceman063945d ago

I would BET that the people that are discriminated against WOULD have a problem with it. Racism DOES indeed exist "on many sides from many different types". However, just because it happens to you, or me, or anyone else means that we should just quit talking about it. I for one believe that the reason that it is SO rampant is because that is the way it has been dealt with FOREVER. We don't, as a society, have REAL discussion about racism. It seems to be impolite and not en vogue to even mention when something is considered to be racist. We should ALL care if something or someone is RACIST...because when we DON'T it keeps spreading like the silent cancer that it already is. You can't see it...sometimes you don't know it is there...then up pops a tumor. What happens when you ignore a SPREADS like wildfire.

mfwahwah3945d ago


"Further discounting any impression that there was an racial intent, Slaczka also told Kotaku that one of the people responsible for finding and adding words to the game was black— to be clear, Slaczka, however, is not saying that an African-American put the word 'Sambo' in."

A black person worked on finding and adding words for this game. I'm sure that person had every chance in the world to step up and say "This term may offend some people." Wonder why they didn't...

And you don't need to talk about racism to get rid of it. Talking about racism is how it's born, you know.

People don't just randomly use terms like "n****r." They learn it from places. And this isn't a tumor. If you ignore it and don't think about it, then HEY YOU'RE NOT REALLY A RACIST NOW ARE YOU! I respect your perspective, but I strongly disagree with it, to be completely clear.

Tony P3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

On one hand they probably didn't mean any harm, but on the other it's a little disappointing that they being Americans don't recognize their own history. Do schools not really teach black history for that one month a year anymore?

The situation could have easily been avoided with a little foreknowledge.

iceman063945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Notice I didn't just say "TALK"...I said have REAL discussion. People are so quick to dismiss, excuse, or ignore racist comments as accidental...oops my bad...What I am saying is that a real NATIONAL dialogue must take place so that there is a complete understanding about race in America. I agree...this was a simple mistake. However, just because it was an accident doesn't preclude someone for being a bit upset that a term like "SAMBO" could be added to a game.

Also...I never called anyone a racist for ignoring racism...I simply said that ignoring racism allows it to fester and become epidemic in it's the word that you mentioned. You have EVERY right to IGNORE it and don't think about it...but that doesn't really make the problem go away.

Ignorance is the KEY to racism...from ALL sides...the only way to combat ignorance is knowledge. This knowledge will only result from d CIVIL dialogue. I ALSO respect your opinion...but I must agree to disagree with your assertions.


Sadly African American a LOT of schools...Starts with slavery...they are released...and then they show up again in the form of Martin Luther King, Jr. I am a teacher in an inner city high school and I have seen the sad excuse for books that are meant to teach African American History.

pixelsword3945d ago

Everyone's history needs to be taught, and more than one month a year; it should be included in all history classes to people can get an accurate view of history and people.

BLuKhaos3945d ago

smh, but it would Kotaku of all other sites that would even think of testing this out.

XGRaViSmOrSX3945d ago

you know whose history needs to be taught in america...? [email protected]

im so sick of the liberal EVERYONE needs to be fair attitude. that is what has made america a country of politically correct man babies. time to grow up and not let petty things such as racial slurs bother ANYONE white, black, red, brown, orange, WHATEVER. ignore the minority or racist people out there and sooner or later they get tired and go away.

prime example are when special interest groups boycott things they deem inappropriate for the entire population, they dont represent the entire population so eventually they get tired w/o anyone's support but their own and go home.

grow up everyone and stop making something out of nothing which is always the case.

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mfwahwah3945d ago

The only thing this article did was teach people a new slur.

Cheeseknight283945d ago

Pretty much yeah. I had never heard the term sambo before until this article.

Guess Kotaku will do anything for a hit.

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