Does the Wii need a price cut?

TVGB: "Speculation has intensified of an impending Wii price cut, but is it really necessary? Worldwide sales have slowed, but are now typical of a console leader rather than record breaking. The holiday lineup is also looking strong, and 2010's software looks even better. Yet on the other hand the 360 and PS3 increasingly look better value for the money, and even have their own motion controllers on the way. TVGB takes a look at whether Nintendo should drop the price of the Wii."

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eagle213953d ago

Sony will continue to outperform Wii if they don't. Even with a cut, PS3 still might win the holiday worldwide.

Gregmonk3953d ago

lol, yep. I am tracking you dude, you are probably the most inteligent guy here. The things you think of, incredible.

Thanks to you, now I know that If Nintendo does not cut the price of the Wii, the PS3 will keep on gaining on them and might even take over the number 2 spot in a year or so if MS keeps on flopping! And, then 2 maybe 3 years later, they will de-throne spot Nintendo woot! go go sony power! so true.

EvilTwin3953d ago

"Speculation has intensified of an impending Wii price cut..."


There's a sales flier listing it at $199. It's about as badly kept a secret as the PS3 Slim.

And making it three years with no price cut of any kind is about as much as a console maker can expect, anyway.