GOONL!NE: Forza Motorsport 3 Hands-on Preview

Jonathan Cullen, GOONL!NE: "Lets get this done now: Forza Motorsport 3 is awesome.

No whining from the PS3 lot about how GT5 is much better then this "shit mockup of Gran Turismo", because the truth is Forza Motorsport 3 is just downright awesome in its own right. Will Gran Turismo 5 set the world on fire when it (most likely now) will be released by Christmas? Probably. But first comes FM3, and it is a heck of a game to play."

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Peter North3954d ago

It sounds like Snorza 3 suffers from the same issues Snorza 2 had.

rareairtone3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

He was playing the build that was at GamesCon; this even must have been like a little after or a little before. If this guy didn't mention that even though his c0ckpit view went to 30 fps and tht the real engine still gives you 60, he obviously is not an informed guy. Also, he uses a lot of profanity and while it can be appealing at times, it automatically does not make him a professional writer. Maybe he doesn't want to be; in order to not be snobby or something. I would have taken his opinion more positively if he was well informed of the final game..

His writing also implies that somehow the physics engine of forza 3 has been dumbed down or is not as unforgiving an experience as previous installations, despite the aids designed as additions to the physics engine. I'm sure they built the physics engine first, then the aids.. He's describing the physics in simple diction as if the physics' performance can't inspire more depth in description; as if doing so will let slip how unGT5-like the complexity of the physics are. If anything, Forza 3 is JUST as difficult as GT5 wen all assists are turned off. If not, then it's certainly not far behind; they've put a lot of work into those physics on top of what they did in forza 2. That's why forza 2 is rated so high; reviewers had to admit that although they weren't as impressed with the graphics as they hoped to be, the physics were excellent.

Maybe It's just me, but though I love the gt franchise to death, the physics have always seemed to be more difficult to navigate than real life, even after I gained driving experience with real cars. That's why I've seen some people describe the engine as "anal" to justify what seemed to me as unrealistic rigor. But I guess if race drivers give stunningly positive feedback on the game, it can't be's just near-life.