TF2 Blog: Super Manly Avatars

As if Valve wasn't tightly connected to their community before, the new blog update adds official 'Super Manly' avatars for everyone after the avatar spread throughout Team Fortress 2 forums.

The post also details the release of the character source files (for modding the player models), and why it took so long for Valve to release those.

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Pandamobile3943d ago

They give us the character source files, but no tools to open them in 3ds Max >:C

593943d ago

that engineer is going to rape the entire blue team with his face

Peter North3943d ago

If the consoles were the classes of TF2, the Godstation 3 would be the Soldier, the Wii would be the Medic, and the Xbox would be the Sticky Bomb

Led Zeppelin3943d ago

So the PS3 would be slow and underpowered, the wii would be useful, and the 360 would be overpowered? No to all of those...

sabestar3943d ago

Haha, Ookay again. Fanboism aside, I love how they gave that look to the engineer and not to the Heavy. Im kindof fed up of him always being the tough guy.