PSX Extreme: Need for Speed: Shift Review

PSX Extreme writes: "All in all, despite some awkward design choices, Need for Speed: SHIFT is still a fantastic racing game, and once you figure out your preferred sensitivity settings, everything just clicks and you'll find yourself going from one race to the next, onto the other, and before you know's 4AM. Yes, I speak from experience, that is precisely what happened last night as I was writing this review, intending to have it up last night and not today. It's an addictive game, and money isn't very scarce, so you'll be able to dive right into the upgrades as soon as they become available to you. Visually, it's a great looking game with a solid framerate, with audio that'll shake your entire living room. I just wish we get a patch that fixes all of the factual errors in the game so I can boost the score to a 9...make it happen, EA. You patched Undercover for a shoddy framerate, so surely this is much, much more simple task. In any case, fans of sims, you need to buy this".

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DonCorneo3945d ago

no way a car would that be twitchy. the physics on this game is craaaap.. collision physics is worse than GT5p..