Unreal Tournament III Free Weekend

In a continuation of their "free weekend" theme, Valve and Epic are teaming to let everyone play Unreal Tournament III for free.

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Pandamobile3948d ago

Woot! Time to kill some newbies.

STONEY43947d ago

Time to get some headshots with the sniper since almost no one seems to be able to dodge it.

Saaking3948d ago

Really enjoy this game. I bought it on Steam when it was half off and I must say the PC version is really good. Haven't played the console versions though

The Great Melon3948d ago

Unreal Tournament will always be a PC game at heart. I remember them stating that they had to slow down the speed of the game for the consoles. Nothing beats a mouse and keyboard in that game. The mods are also one of its biggest features in my opinion. I spent many hours playing around with Unreal Tournament 2004 with all the user created content.

cliffbo3947d ago

FREE i thought this game was free to play online anyway is it only available on steam now or can you still play it for free without steam ?

Pandamobile3947d ago

It's got full Steam integration (achievements and SteamWorks), so it's in your best interest to get it on Steam for $8.