Fallout 3 patched to 1.6.1 on PS3 - Broken Steel is coming soon

1.6.1 patch for the PlayStation 3 version of Fallout 3 has just been released, which probably means that the Broken Steel DLC will finally be released on the Sony platform soon, most likely tomorrow.

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strotee3948d ago

It would seem I played this game a year too early on PS3. Oh well, next game from Bethesda will have to wait since I want to play the "full" game instead of most at release and some later on.

kalistyles3948d ago

Funny, i'm the opposite. I bought this game pretty much at release, haven't even played it yet.

Raoh3948d ago

once i heard about the exclusivity of the dlc i pretty much stopped playing.. didn't want to get to the end only to find out i couldnt continue and was already too deep into the ps3 version to start over on the 360..

sorry bethesda..

[email protected]3948d ago

It's this patch also a fix for the multiples lock up on the game without reasons. Or just the enable patch for the DLC to be usable in-game?.

Anon19743947d ago

I think it locked up twice the entire play through, for me, but I know others have had issues. I wonder what was up with that?

Ausir3948d ago

Looks like only a DLC-enable patch.

[email protected]3948d ago

that's so depressing... I really hope the GOTY version fix those locks ups for sure or I'm not buy it.

CaptainKratos3948d ago

i was hope it fixes all the bugs. cuz there is a lot i mean A LOT!!! of them.i still play it.its faaking awesome.

dragon823948d ago

I have played through the game twice now on PS3 and I have not run into any bugs at all. I am not sure what you guys are talking about. I am about to start my third play through because I lost all my game saves. I will have to keep an eye out for any bugs.

CaptainKratos3948d ago

i mean the constant freezes, enemies flying in the air when they're dead.<---(now this is funny) -__- enemies get stuck under the map,weapons taking for ever to switch.stuff like not "OMG WTF THIS GAME IS UNPOLISHED!!!"its just bothersome sometimes.

[email protected]3947d ago

Especially used th G.E.C.K mode... Oh, God it was so frustrating after be playing for 1 hours and lose exp and lvls after so much spend time on the game.

Grandreaper99993947d ago


So what I see in my games is common for you too then?? Here's hoping Bethesda caught wind of these problems.

Ever get the glitch where people/objects stretch like rubber bands, whip back, and fling off into the horizon?

Or the one where you kill someone and their weapon gets stuck in mid-air, and you have to search the floating weapon to loot their bodies?

Ever (accidentally or not) blow up more than 5 cars and freeze the game?

Ever close the door on a person's body and then the model gets eaten up by the door/walls and floats around through the wall twitching? (that one's in oblivion too, heheh)

There's a lot of stuff that needs fixing in that game.. Good thing it's a great game, otherwise I would have gotten fed up by now..

CaptainKratos3947d ago

yup, everything u listed happens.

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The story is too old to be commented.