Little Big Planet online create mode is coming soon

After twittering Media Molecule probably about 30 times in the last 6mths I received a reply from them with regards to the online create mode, It's not an exact date, but at this point at least it isn't vaporware.

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irish-leprecaun3954d ago

i will finally create my leprechaun level with my usa leprechaun cousins!
play b3yond, play leprechaun!

demonicmember3954d ago

I have so many great ideas for LBP but I lack a lot of the skills so i need to get with a skilled designer :)

IrishRepublicanArmy3954d ago

im buying the goty edition soon.

Shadow Flare3954d ago

I'm a little the same. I have loads of ideas i want to do, and actually i know i can do them...but i'm just never in the mood to create stuff anymore. Because it is work after all. Creating stuff isn't playing, it is work. And often i'd rather play a normal game. But its so annoying because i'd love to finalise the ideas i have but i just can't get round to it. Thats why im very glad online create mode is coming because then i could probably work with an enthusiastic player

demonicmember3954d ago

It is a great game the whole family can enjoy for MANY hours; virtually a life time supply of levels

Shadow Flare3954d ago

They honestly need to make searching for the good levels easier though. There may be over 1 million levels created, but i can't find 999,900 of them. The only real way to find the good levels is to search for them on lbp forums or on youtube. They need to fix the search function in the game because no one can find the good levels

Nagis3954d ago

Playing the create mode on the same screen.

This has to equal much better levels. And good advice for said creators.

Why this was not at launch I have no idea.

Peter North3954d ago

Value for the dollar, LittleBigPlanet is truly a revolutionary gaming experience.