Next-gen business models are "embarrassing", says Brennan

The spiralling costs of next-gen games development are embarrassing, unworkable and an ego trip for publishers, according to Blast Entertainment CEO Sean Brennan.

Speaking at last week's Northern Exposure conference, Brennan slammed publishers for embarking on multi-million dollar development projects that he believes are financially unworkable and nothing more than an ego trip in the face of competitors.

"What a joke. What embarrassment. There's no way on a USD 20 million development project that you can break even on a game – not now in the cycle," said Brennan.

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nice_cuppa4478d ago



..........i wont put this up anymore !
i just wanted to give the people who would care a good chance to see it !

calderra4478d ago

Oh Good God-
"And they want the developer in America, first and foremost. A lot of the reason behind that is cultural. Since 9/11 American publishers have become a lot more insular. That's going to continue to be a key issue, it's a worrying factor."

Yup. There you have it, folks. The terrorists have won again. 9/11 has made game development a lost art.

*insert shaking head from side to side*
Back in reality, look at Wii and Xbox Live Arcade for immediate counterexamples. Cheaper startup costs, immediate audiences. Yeah, "big" game development is a tough thing for independent developers to get into- and that's why for example you can get XNA Studio from Xbox Marketplace and start designing games for only $100. Even Sony is producing some similar efforts to fund new projects form independents.

bootsielon4478d ago

"Even Sony..."

I don't know what's so surprising. But what's surprising is that you're using that phrase while at the same time saying Nintendo has any development costs for games on demand. They aren't delivering anything original, only emulating games, so the cost is almost zero.

PS360WII4478d ago (Edited 4478d ago )

That's why all the systems have the arcade portion as well. You don't need to spend 20 million on a game. Just the blockbusters I suppose. If they want to make a game that costs less then make something like Calling all Cars or a game that the customer can buy in Market Place or PSN or VC. I'm sure you can still make a next gen game without spending 20 million... it just wouldn't be as crisp as some of the others out there