PSP UK Sales Increase 60 percent

Sony is reporting that since chopping £20 off the PSP's suggested retail price on Friday May 4th, the company has seen a 60 per cent increase in sales for the handheld in its opening weekend.

"The price realignment was about passing on manufacturing cost savings to customers. This new price point opens up a new wave of consumers to the PSP experience," said Sony's sales director Andrew Howsen.

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Bill Gates4481d ago

Between the price drop, PS3 connectivity, and being able to play PS1 games, I think allot of PSP's will be selling in the coming months.

WilliamRLBaker4481d ago

all the people waiting till an square product showed up on the system, the price drop and that are one of the more major reasons for the psp going up in sales.

gta_cb4481d ago

i havnt really adopted to playing PS1 games on my PSP, i do on the other hand play the odd GBA game on it lol.

gta_cb4481d ago

sure does, and while this is happening, more great games will come out for it =)

Babylonian4481d ago

Then I'm going to get a PSP. GIVE ME THE REDESIGN NOW......

gta_cb4481d ago

i very much doubt there is going to be a redesign soon, and if your gonna want to use Homebrew etc (not for piracy but for fun stuff) then i would buy one as soon as possible.

PS360WII4481d ago

Yeah with the expanded service PSP is getting along with a bunch of quality titles coming out for the PSP. It's finally time for it to shine a bit.

As far as a redesign all I want changed on it is a battery that lasts

gta_cb4481d ago

i own a PSP and to be honest when you first get one, the battery like doesnt seem that great, but when you own a Next Gen console like the PS3/Xbox 360 you seriously wont use it as much, and when your in your house you can use it while it recharges, and the wire (for when its charging) doesnt get in the way.

im not really into the piracy on the PSP but i like using homebrew and to use homebrew you have to have custom fw or fw 1.50 ad with the news of all future PSPs having been inplemented with something to stop them from being downgraded or "hacked" (even tho its not actually hacking unless you add a mod chip or something) i would advise people that if they would like one to buy one NOW! as people where waiting for the downgrader for fw 2.60 > 1.50 for about half a year! (i know as this included me!)

gta_cb4481d ago

just to add to my comment above, you cant really say i am wrong here as i know alot of PSPs are brought because they know they can be used to run homebrew.

PS360WII4481d ago

yeah psp's homebrew community is huge! It's funny that sony is trying so hard to stop it when in fact it's the reason it's sold 20 million these 3 years...

PSP is great. I have one with the latest updates and have 8 games for it and still play 3 of them often. I never did get into the homebrew to much because I'm partial to the real deal and not the free/hacked stuff. Yet you are absolutly right on if you want homebrew on your PSP get it now for Sony is going to be releasing new PSP's with the update already in which will make it all the harder to get the good homebrew stuff on there.

The battery life is okay I just wish it would hold the charge when it's not being played as well. I can have it turned off with a full charge and not play it for a week and the battery would be dead if I wanted to play it after the week break :( never happens with gba or ds...

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