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Nowgamer: Because kart racing is sooooo 1993

It's no real surprise that Sony decided to drop any kind of number from the title of Gran Turismo's PSP debut and there are a number of good reasons for this. First up, there's the classic reason of not wanting the buyer to think they've somehow missed out on several games in the last few years. Secondly, had it been 'GT4', it'd be aeons too late – had it been 'GT5', it'd be too early. And finally, using either name would be misleading as the all-new handheld-oriented approach makes this very much its own game rather than a mere port. So just Gran Turismo it is then and sure enough, Gran Turismo it is.

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randomwiz5418d ago

ahhh... too many mixed reviews. Need to try the game myself.

Saaking5418d ago

The main problem is lack of career mode+ only 4 cars on track. If you can get around that it's an awesome game.

LiquifiedArt5418d ago

...The more interesting i'm becoming. It still seems like a fun portable GT experience. Maybe even allowing me to work up some credits on the go to transfer back to my GT5 game!


PROFIT5418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

as far as PORTABLE gaming goes, there is no alternative to gt.

pd have done a magnificent job considering this is on a umd

soxfan20055418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

"The main problem is lack of career mode+ only 4 cars on track. If you can get around that it's an awesome game."

Funny how PS3 fans like you love to condemn Forza because of features you think it is "missing" compared to GT5, yet when it comes to a Sony game, you can "get around" missing features and still consider it awesome.

I've been awaiting GT PSP for years, and I'm disappointed with what I've read so far. As a racing fan though, I'll probably still get it.

Tinted Eyes5418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

lol Once again Soxfan complains AND brings up Forza, a game no one was talking about.

Nice going. ;)

Saaking5418d ago

GT PSP is a HANDHELD game. Forza is a full Console game. It is only obvious you would expect MUCH more in from a console game.

5418d ago
FlipMode5418d ago

Wow, Soxfan still complains even when it isn't relevant.
What else is new.

soxfan20055418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

I was expecting from GT PSP what other developers have successfully delivered on PSP when porting console games - a complete experience. Look at God of War PSP - it's just as good as it's console counterparts. I simply expected the same from GT. Maybe GOW was just an exception.

EDIT - Why shouldn't I complain? When I drop my $40 for GT PSP, I want it to be the best game it possibly can - I would think you guys would too. I will concede to you guys that I may be pleasantly surprised when I play it - maybe I'll be part of the 8.5 camp.

PROFIT5418d ago


do us all a favor and dont buy the game.

if you dun like it, you may kill someone out of spite

MerkinMax5418d ago

Play the game for yourself. Never judge a game by the review, well maybe if it's consistently getting the same score. But when a game comes out people need to stop the bashing about the review scores. Too many times this generation reviews have not been what they should be. Halo 3 ODST got a 65 from one review. Does that mean you shouldn't give it a try? Uncharted recieved a 21/20, does that mean everyone will praise it the same? Play the games people and stop the fanboy war that is destroying gaming! /rant

Biphter5418d ago

Finally.... instead of a portable PS2. GT PSP comes along made from the ground up with portable gaming in mind, you know something alot of games on PSP haven't had lately. A trend that made the PSP more a portable you play at home as an alternative to the Living Room console, not how it should be, on the Go.

Think this with GT5 on PS3 as the ultimate combo. Unlock cars on the go and have quick fix fun, then when you come home, upload the won cars to GT5 and play in full career mode at home with new cars ON THE PS3. If you look at GT PSP like a companion to GT5 (Which I'm sure is imminent) then there are no problems.

I can see how PSP only owners are feeling a bit upset, but If you have a PS3 and intend to get GT5 then I can't see any reason NOT to be excited!

kerrak5418d ago

I have 50+ umd games and a true orientation to psp specific capabilities is what mostly makes a game good in this platform

1-portable (somebody told that he was not getting gtpsp because he couldn't use a wheel lol)
2-short time gameplay bursts
3-nice graphics for a handheld
4-franchises that you can feel nearer to, but not mere ports

Dissidia or Arctic Edge are some recent and good examples of well executed games with this orientation, and from what i read in every review (good and bad ones) GT is another one.
If you really like to play with your PSP and you really love GT franchise, you will sure love GTPSP.

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RockmanII75418d ago

If kart racing is sooooo 1993, how come it's one of the best handheld games this generation? (Only behind Chinatown Wars and Chains of Olympus)

NegativeCreep4275418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

Now I'm waiting to see all the MS trolls come in here claiming that an 8.5/10 labels a game as a flop, when beyond their knowledge, practically any and all Xbox 360 exclusives not titled "Halo 3" or "Gears of War 1 or 2" have received average scores of 8.5 or less.

soxfan20055418d ago

The 8.5 for GT is NOT an average - it is the highest of many reviews so far. Most other reviews are in the 7-8 range. GT PSP will probably end up with an average score of around 7.5. You can't compare that to a 360 exclusive that has a true 8.5 AVERAGE (as you say). Or, should we just trust the highest score given to a game, as you are doing?

By the way, I do own a PSP, and I'm quite disappointed with what I've read so far about GT PSP.

NegativeCreep4275418d ago (Edited 5418d ago )

Your response was so out of context with my initial post, I don't even think trying to correct your mistakes with what I sayed would even strike a cord with you.

You were way out of the ballpark, soxfan2005.

B_Rian895418d ago

So IGN is the only site that doesnt like the game. Every other review has been 8+ unless I missed some

Ravage275418d ago

hardcore GT fan so he probably had very high expectation of the game. I'll be honest here, as disappointing as the lack of career mode is, i get the feeling many people are not reviewing it as a PSP game constrained by both hardware and UMD disc space.

PD intended it to be the type of game you play between train rides and if you put aside the hype, it delivered.

fr3d05418d ago

i'm so sick of these small minded reactionary reviews

The game doesnt have a career mode, so the immediate reaction is to question the sanity of the developers by giving the game a low score. total win for the reviewer.

And fail for the consumer cuz this garbage gets taken seriously.

A) They didnt 'forget' career mode; Lack of career mode was a conscious decision. its a party mode version of gran turismo precisely because of the medium its on, which is mobile and transient. Conscious development decision.

B) Tired of the standard, arbitrary list of features that every game must conform to or face the wrath of the uber l33t critic. Let the games be different. I really don't see why every game must have the same cookie cutter features. Look at each game in its own context.

Sorry for the long post but I'm sick of video game critics raining down chaos on great games based with half assed reviews overwhelmingly skewed towards the unrealistic, mindless and arbitrary feature list expected of every single game now.