Sony committed to PS3 "for 10 years and beyond" despite poor sales

SCEA president Jack Tretton has confirmed that the company has long term plans for PlayStation 3, playing down concerns over initial sales figures from the LA Times. The PS3 has sold 1.2 million units compared to the Wii's 2.1 million which launched around the same time. reports that Jack believes a million units one way or another isn't anything to worry about as they're in this for the next 10 years and beyond. An IDC analyst agrees with him saying that the PS3 "is ahead of the market, while the Xbox 360 and the Wii were designed for immediate market impact."

However, Kyoshi Shin of Japan's International Game Developers' Association, says that people compare the PS3 to "going to a very expensive restaurant and not getting anything to eat."

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DirtyRat4480d ago

indeed i remember an analyst saying the same thing, that by 2010 PS3 will have overtaken Xbox 360 in sales...I'm not sure I agree with this though, its games that sell systems and PS3 badly needs some super exclusives to beat the 360.

Vojkan4480d ago

Sony is living on PS2 and PSP sales(software and hardware). It will take at least 2 years for PS3 to cathc up on 360. Looking at 360 line up from now until the end of year i have to say it's really impressive and for Sony to counter will be hard. Even MGS4 got delayed so what can beat Halo 3?

QuackPot4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

especially with the biggest of all ....Little Big Planet.

User-created content is the future of gaming.

This simple platform game is going to win the hearts and minds of millions of gamers but most importantly, the huge number of ps2 owners who will eventually migrate to the ps3 - especially when the price drops.

There is a Halo 3 Killer...and it's not a shooter.

Bring on 2008. It's going to be a great year.

Note: the majority of exclusives for the xbox 360 are shooters. But not everybody wants to kill and destroy things.

TheExecutive4480d ago

The 360 doesnt have support worldwide... people seem to forget this. Do you actually think the 360 will stay on top of sales with support in the U.S only? I sure dont.

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SlippyMadFrog4480d ago

PS3 will always play catch-up to the other consoles. If PS3 gets a price drop, so will XBOX and Wii. If PS3 gets killer exclusives, so will XBOX and Wii.

Vojkan4480d ago

I agree, it's logical thing to happened. Also i see Wii to be winner of this gen. Wii is getting more and more support from developers and as it continues to sell and when it drops price even more, it will be almost impossible to cathc it.
But i see this "race" more as race between 360 and PS3. Wii with it's previous gen specifications is in totaly another league so it's unrealistic to compare them.
Anyway this got to long. I just wanted to say that i don't think PS3 will win.

sak5004480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Ah, same guy who said KZ2 trailer was from realtime gameplay. We believe in you Jack.

The article has interesting bit at the bottom though "However, Kyoshi Shin of Japan's International Game Developers' Association, says that people compare the PS3 to "going to a very expensive restaurant and not getting anything to eat."

miasma4480d ago

as much as i like my xbox 360 i feel one of the main reasons i bought it was so i could play games now (the immediate impact). it is a decent console but has not blown me away by any means, i am still playing my ps2 more than the xbox. If PS3 ever gets it together and has some decent games (doesn't have to be just exclusives) i will grab one.
As for playing catch up, i do agree that this time around PS3 does have alot of work to do. Xbox is more the competition,obviously, than wii is though. Nintendo is doing very well, but i still think that is going to be a fast burn though for just a couple of years at most.

miasma4480d ago

Just to add a thought to what a couple of people are saying about "the long term win" or "the winner" of the console war. Why do you people see this as a race? where does it end? It is good that there are competitive consoles. people will continue to buy what they like. Maybe by 2010, both console will be closely matched in terms of installed base. This is technology people, it will always continue to advance, and get faster, better, whatever. I find it a pity that so many people can be so narrow minded, and NEED a WINNER to make themselves feel good.

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The story is too old to be commented.