How the Playstation 3 Slim Will Benefit Sony in the Long Term

Associated Content: The new slim model for the Playstation 3 was recently released and has already boosted the struggling business for Sony. Not only is it increasing sales, the new model is also saving Sony manufacturing costs. While the Playstation 3 Slim is showing short-term benefits, the redesign is also capable of having long-term lasting positive effects for the system.

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Peter North3949d ago

It Only Does Everything the Xbox 360 Wishes It Could Do™

chidori6663948d ago

peter north strikes again... lmao :)

Peter North3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

I will be buying 2 additional Ps3 Slims this upcoming Holiday season:

-Uncharted 2 250GB Bundle
-FF13(White)Ps3 Slim Bundle*

*To be announced next week at TGS

Edit: If Polyphony Digital announce a Gran Turismo 5-The Real Driving Simulator Bundle, I will be buying 3 additional Ps3 Slims this upcoming Holiday season.

Berserk13949d ago

How the XBOT360 Will KILL M$ in the Long Term.

tripewire3948d ago


Talk about your pointless, uninformative, inaccurate and totally redundant news articles.

Everyones a journalist....<shakes head>