7 Achievement Rules That All Games Should Follow

Go Gaming Giant looks at achievements in video games and tells you 7 things that need to be included in all games to ensure the achievements are fun and well balanced.

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astrobrights3710d ago

They certainly aren't very balanced the way things are now :)

RaymondM3710d ago

Yeah man, achievements should be less ridiculous. I get so mad to see 5 points for an achievement. Although I shouldn't be too mad, they are just fake achievements. Good article btw, had some good points.

Go Gaming Giant3709d ago

I used to be heavily into achievements but I realized it's just not worth it anymore. There just points

astrobrights3709d ago

I agree. Achievements and trophies are easy to get hooked into, but they are just points.

nomoregameblogs3709d ago

i used to be a trophy whore. then i found a 12 step program! :)

Ziriux3709d ago

Those are decent rules.

A lot of developers three years ago took easy routes when it came to achievements, especially sports games, with their get five blocks, 10 assists, 5 steels and so on. Than you had some games that gave you 100 points for beating each level. I found it not so much of a challenge and felt like the dev. did it just to get a sale on the game. I'm glad to see some harder achievements these days to give the gamer a true challenge.

Go Gaming Giant3709d ago

ye but some games take it to far, although some of those sports games were a joke, especially the 06 class

gooneygugu3709d ago

One of my favorite achievements was not really an achievement at all. After finishing the first mission in inFamous for PS3, by way of an on screen prompt the game explained that due to my skill level the difficulty would be switched to hard.

While there were no points awarded and no audible chime, this virtual pat on the back was a boost to my ego and incredibly rewarding. If more games were able to integrate awards in similar ways, perhaps Achievements would become less important.

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The story is too old to be commented.