Metal Gear Solid 4 - EB Games ALSO reports delay until 2008

A second U.S. games retailer is reporting that Metal Gear Solid 4 which has been expected later this year, has now been delayed until March 2008.

EB Games, a major retailer in the States has sent out an email to it's subscribers notifying them that the games release has slipped from September 1 2007 to March 1 2008.

This delay supports the 2008 delayed date released by Gamestop yesterday.

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nice_cuppa4478d ago

when does the new splinter cell come out ???

gta_cb4478d ago

not sure. i think its in 2008... not 100% so dont bet on it.
should be some news on alot of things including this at E3 this year.

candystop4478d ago

Well this is the big title for PS3 and maybe it will be the game that launches a year after release like gears did for 360 and set the bar really high for PS3!

FCOLitsjustagame4478d ago

Aren't EB and Gamestop now the same company? Maybe there should be a real second source before anyone gets too upset.

But even if it does get delayed that may not be a bad thing. They have Lair, Heavenly Sword and Killzone coming out so it may not be necessary to have MSG to compete with Halo anyway. So if it is delayed and the delay makes a better game then so much the better for all the fans.

gta_cb4478d ago

when does lair come out?

crunkthug4478d ago

ebgames and gamestop are the same
so its not important
we have to hear it from kojima!!!

Daver4478d ago

You are right... we will believe it when the company will have say so until that lets stick with september :)

solidt124478d ago

We still ave HAZE coming out which i think will be better than halo. Halo 3 is over hype. Reviewers say it looks just like halo 2 and i wasn't too crazy about halo 2.

gta_cb4478d ago

i heard from someone on here, that the halo 3 beta is running on the halo 2 engine which would make sence soon as tho its half a year till its suppose to be released. also Haze is multi platform

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The story is too old to be commented.