Sony's MMO coming to PS3 mid-2010; will feature eye support

The free-to-play Free Realms is a very popular light take from Sony Online Entertainment on the MMO genre. It now appears the game will make its way to the PlayStation 3 sometime in the middle of 2010, according to SOE president John Smedley.

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boss_killa3714d ago

will definately check this out.

looks pretty fun.

cmrbe3714d ago

of hearing about SOE and their MMO's coming to the PS3. They have annouced this since the PS3 launch and yet there is still nothing on the PS3.

krauley3714d ago

because we both know it only takes a couple of weeks to make a game right! its not like they take years to make or something like that.

Karlnag33714d ago

PWNED! I'm gunna read teh full article now ;D

cmrbe3714d ago

Its been almost 3 years now. They teased Agency back then like its almost complete and yet where is it?. Everytime they surface they promise alot of support for the PS3 and yet there is not 1 single thing on the PS3 to prove that.