Halo 3 Gets Mixed Reviews At Sneek Peek

CNET reports that gamers at the invitation-only preview of Halo 3 on Friday had mixed feelings about the game. One complaint was that the graphics weren't as impressive as hoped for and were "not much different than the previous Halo."

Microsoft Game Studios head, Shane Kim, had high hopes though. He believed that it will be bigger than Halo 2 and that along with Spider-Man 3 and the new Harry Potter book, will "be one of the three biggest consumer entertainment events of the year ... This is going to be a huge competitive advantage for us. Sony has nothing like it."

Craig Davison, Microsoft's Director of Marketing, added that, "the publicity surrounding Halo 3 should also spur some consumers to run out and buy an Xbox 360."

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Babylonian4265d ago

Hahahaha, Halo 3 will be good. But don't exagerate.

BIadestarX4265d ago

Maybe he was refering to the time when halo will be release. Metal Gear just got pushed back (Delayed). Name the PS3 game that it's guaranteed to sell more copies than Halo3. Can you?

Babylonian4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

Symply because Halo is the most overhyped game ever made. I hear there are pre orders of 4 million or so, just for that game.

Being overhyped is something else than being an amazing game. The game is quite ok, it's not too shabby but it doesn't blow your mind either. But by so many people overhyping the sh!t out of it, then it's going to sell crazy.

I'd rather have something amazing, like MGS4 and FF XII. Bet you think different, but everybody has his own opinions. I just don't think they should say Sony doesn't have anything like it.

Many other people don't like this game and many do, so unless everybody likes it than it isn't something Sony doens't have.

cuco334265d ago

you mean overhyped like the ps3? and how sony overhyped the system?
and anyone who's not a fanbot will admits that even the overhyped ps3, it's still a good system. halo series was great. not everyone is into a scifi shooter. i am all about realism and the closer it has to today the better. with that said i still found halo 1 and 2 to be a ton of fun.

i'm not a fan of the ff series and even though i do think mgs4 will be great, it'll most likely be over done with cinematics more than anything like the previous titles. halo 3 should be great in terms of online multiplayer. it has a big following so long as it expands the gameplay and visuals it'll be better than halo 2 online

TheXgamerLive4264d ago

It's easy to say b/c it's true. Common sence will show and tell you that. Open your eyes to the world of Xbox 360 and Xbox "Live".

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Saint Sony4265d ago

Mixed reviews?.. and THAT IS NEWS? ffs.. everything in this world will get mixed reviews. Some like coffee some don't why isn't that news?

techie4265d ago

the title isn't news. The article read it...the title actually goes through everything that has been said of Halo 3

DirtyRat4265d ago

After seeing the recent multiplayer video of Halo 3 I am not surprised about some of the mixed feelings...I thought the graphics were pretty bland, and indeed comparable to Halo 2.

Halo is an overhyped brand mainly because at the time it was one of the first decent FPS games on a console...but nowadays it no longer holds that title, and I am not seeing anything innovative or new with Halo 3 so far to make it stand out.

MoonDust4265d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

Seriously. If this looks last yen then everything for the PS3 is last gen too.

xfrgtr4265d ago

Halo 3 graphics are horrible,it looks "old gen"

Bathyj4265d ago

I agree the graphics look the same but better, but does it matter? This game is going to be a hit no matter what. There's lots of better looking games out now or in developement but none of them are called Halo. Pre-ordaned success.

With everything we're hearing about the Beta, I just hope they're not forgetting about the single player game. I dont give a crap about online, I want good single player.

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