New Eye Camera For The PS3?

The Don @ writes:

"I'm pretty sure that if you're reading this, then you've seen the E3 demonstration for the motion controls that Sony has planned for the PS3. When I watched the demo, I noticed a couple of things in such a short amount of time which led me to believe that Sony had a new Eye Cam in the works to work with the motion controls."

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D4RkNIKON3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

"the people using the motion controls appeared to have little to no experience with the device at all."

The people who gave the demo at E3 are the people who MADE the controller. Richard Marks and Anton Mikhailov are part of Sony's research and developement in this area. They also stated on the PSBlog that the camera can run 60 fps and even 120 fps for fluid, lagless motion.

You Already Know3718d ago

maybe they just aren't very good at giving presentations....because they seemed as if they never even picked that thing up before...

D4RkNIKON3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

It seemed to me like it was simply unfinished tech demos, and the presentation was tacked on last minute because MS introduced Natal. Sony had to show what they have been working on even though it wasn't necessarily ready for presentation. At least it looked remarkably accurate and responsive enough to overcome the odds.

gamerdude113718d ago

It's not a new camera. Sony has confirmed and demonstrated the tech with the existing PS Eye. The OP may notice the wand w/ the lightball was the only difference in the equation.

You Already Know3718d ago

check out the article....there's at least some reasoning behind this besides the motion controls...

Kleptic3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

the article also states 'since the PS Eye's launch, many have complained of the lag' or something...I have had a PS Eye since Christmas last year, and never once noticed any problems with it with the eye create software, or video conferencing (as that is currently all you can use it with other than eye of judgement and a few PSN games, is that where the lag is? games?)...

any lag I noticed in video calls was purely connection you can have the little ticker giving your connection speed, and at times it would dip down giving pretty poor quality to everything...but would come back within a minute or wasn't the fact the PS Eye is one of the best usb video cameras I have come across, and is extremely cheap given its 60hz refresh rate, DVD resolution, and excellent microphone...We have used them at work for presentations and stuff specifically because of the microphone...kind of funny having to buy 2 ps3's for an office simply for video conferencing, but whatever...wasn't my money...

gamerdude113718d ago

@YouAlreadyKnow - The other compelling reason was he could get a PS3 Eye Camera for cheap at Sears. The motion system isn't coming out for 6 months. Why would a retailer take a hit now to clear stock? Is Sears not going to sell the PS3 Eye for 6 months? I think the OP needs to do a little more research.

You Already Know3718d ago

who says the new Eye Camera would need to come out in six months?..

Sears doesn't have it for "cheap"...they have it on clearance..

there is a difference...because clearance means they are not carrying that particular item anymore like they did with the Sixaxis only controller..

Feral Gamer3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

I doubt the PSEye can run at 120 fps. That seems a little ridiculous. Sony also said the PS3 will run games at 120 fps, which isn't true. What should I believe???

@ below
Sony said the same about the PS3 but it doesn't. Cameras can do 120 they're hundreds of dollars or more. Why would a $40 camera support 120fps? Seems unlikely.

I know the package says 120fps but I just can't believe it.

Conan9973718d ago

The current PS Eye can run at 120 FPS, it says it on the back of the packaging.

Probably is slowed by the current software tho.

kalebgray923718d ago

it uses the same camera its just following the ball.... its motion tracking like in movies when they wear the suits with balls on them it tracks its position perfectly... thats why it is so accurate.... you need a controller for these things thats why natal wont be as great as the wand... but it will be okay i guess

randomwiz3718d ago

"Cameras can do 120 they're hundreds of dollars or more."

Because those are top of the line cameras that have extra goodies and record in HD 1080.

"Sony also said the PS3 will run games at 120 fps"
They said that its capable of running 120fps. 60fps is already a big enough challenage for devs, and i dont think anyone tried 120fps.

"Why would a $40 camera support 120fps? Seems unlikely. "
Why would a $300 system be able to play games like Uncharted 2, and a $300 pc can't?

PinkUni3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

if you used ur pseye camera on ur pc you can run it at 120fps

come on people...
its sad when most if not all of the writers are less informed the most of the gaming population

but i guess i cant expect much from them since all they do is write bs about other sites and games that they don't like

FamilyGuy3718d ago

He had not 1 compelling argument.

Sears had PS3Eyes on clearance and the EoJ bundle too? Wow!
The PS3Eye "lags" and the one at E3 didn't? Huh? Internet connection maybe?
Those guys didn't seem to be familiar with it. You don't seem to be familiar with it or who "they" are.

What a waste of time. I prefer rumors over pure speculation but even more so when the person speculating is an idiot...

Bibto3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

@Feral Gamer
The camera supports 320x240 at 120 frames per second and
640x480 at 60 frames per second.

If you install the unofficial PC drivers for the camera, you can actually see it working at 120FPS.

That's why the camera is very popular with programmers who like to use it for motion tracking type applications. It's cheap and has very high capture rates.

You can check out this link:

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Alcon Caper3718d ago

"Sony could use this as a chance to bundle the motion controls and the Eye Camera with the PS3 at a $299 price point by this time next year which would hold tremendous value – especially if they added a game that supports these controls.", that's...quite a value...

It's almost as if the new eye-cam and motion controls and game will cost nothing to make...

Why not just throw in a few more controllers and a Sony Bravia while you're at it...

D4RkNIKON3718d ago

lol I know! I hear they are still losing money on the new $299 consoles, just not as much as the old models because it is cheaper to make.

You Already Know3718d ago

wll, in a year from now Sony could charge $199 for the PS3....not to mention the gadget they want in all households....


Alcon Caper3718d ago

I agree with DarkNikon, they are still in the slight red with the slim. Even if they were able to charge $199 next year for a PS3, $100 for a new eyecam, motion controllers, and bluray game is a bit unbelievable.

tudors3718d ago

work with the old eye toy?

Alcon Caper3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

That's what the article says. The old eye toy has too much lag.

I hope they can overcome this with software.

Ju3717d ago

That article is BS. Fanboy nightmare or just a bad day after a bad night or what. But certainly is baseless. PS Eye does not lag. Does 120fps now.

MetalGearRising3718d ago

Too late Sony ever heard of NATAL thats what all the press and gaming professions are talking about.

Ninji3718d ago

Sony heard about Natal when it was called the Eyetoy.

D4RkNIKON3718d ago

That was a F*ing BURN! Nice

NegativeCreep4273718d ago

His mother just promised to take him to Chuck E. Cheeses after day care today so he's getting a little excited will all this drastic fanboyish bullsh*t he's spouting.

You Already Know3718d ago

Natal has no depth....with the Eye Camera, you can reach into the screen instead of a paper thin surface...

3718d ago
cereal_killa3718d ago

This is for you MetalGearRising Ninji owned you good you stupid Muppet

dustgavin3718d ago

MetalGearRising will not be responding anytime soon. He is too busy applying ointment to that blistering burn Ninji administered.

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GordyNYC3718d ago

The EYE was built specifically for tracking. SONY has been working on this technology for many years with the original EYETOY. No additional cameras will be needed for the motion wand.

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