Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Square Enix Party 2007 Trailer

Exciting new gameplay and use of the dual screens are some of the highlights of this new trailer.

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Vojkan4175d ago

One more game that looked cool 15 years ago

wulfgar884173d ago

it seems your a little stuck on graphics.......but let me tell you, its not the graphics that launched Final Fantasy into gaming history. its the amazing game play, amazing story lines and the awesome character customization. i played the original alot it although your right, the graphics are dubbed down, they certainly are not bad enough to make a comment like that. im sorry that your gonna miss out on a good game just because the graphics dont meet your expectations. ive been around since the original final fantasy was launched on the NES and have played them all. FF tactics was hardly a let down and i know that this game will improve on all things that made the original great.

JeSsMaN3334173d ago

FFTA was an amazing game to say the least. Its complicated and more importantly takes a while to beat. There are about 300 quests including side-quests and has that extra challenge for teh competitive gamer. just watching this new FFTA2 trailer already has my mouth salivating =]
If it's one thing the "new" gamer generation needs to learn is that graphics aren't everything!! Vojkan i am not a mean person ... but you sound like a 14 year old boy who has only played Gears of War, Halo, and scoffs whenever hearing the name Nintendo.
Sure i may be way off ... but i bet when this game is released it will be in the top 5 of all-time selling DS games for this year.
All game genres are great ... and games like FFTA, Fire Emblem, and a handful of others really show how good RPG's are supposed to be. i hope this enlightens you enough to spend $100 and get a great gaming system =]
Again ... i don't know why ... but your comment really bugged me ... people should know how great the game is really going to be =]