Halo: Reach beta will sell ODST, says Microsoft

Entertainment boss Stephen McGill says early access to 2010 release will draw fans to this year's iteration

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sinncross3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

So MS clearly lacks the confidence in ODST to be able to sell by itself.

D4RkNIKON3717d ago

One way or another, we will sell this game - MS

kalebgray923717d ago

microsoft got something right

deadreckoning6663717d ago

Yep, M$ knows ODST can't sell itself, so they put the Reach beta in. Very...very smart move.

leila013717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

But it's ok. I'll leave you guys to your usual bickering and trolling.

Godmars2903717d ago

At $60? Of course not.

Though just imagine if they had tacked on the Reach beta while offering it at $40?

Game13a13y3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

well, they got to do something after many reviewers gave it a mediocre score. note to MS, hey, instead of all this marketing tricks, why don't you just focus on huh.. i don't know... like making the game good on itself? you don't see games like COD and Killzone 2 and Crysis and many other big titles do this, right?

Tinted Eyes3717d ago

Guess that speaks wonders for the quality of ODST.

3717d ago
SupaPlaya3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

that people will buy ODST just for the Reach beta alone if they don't want the game. It's just icing on the cake.

However, you MAY be right if you say that they put the beta in there to justify for the full $60 price tag for what originally was intended as a DLC. May be a better statement is: "Halo:Reach beta adds value to the Halo ODST package."

I'm interested to see the graphical improvements in Reach from using a new engine for the Halo.

3717d ago
darthv723717d ago

I mean honestly, I hadnt even thought about the Reach beta when I preordered. I am really curious if every copy of the game comes with the beta invite or if it is a limited run?

Wasnt it crackdown that came with a limited run of the halo 3 beta? I just cant remember.

I am getting ODST because of the noir style story line and gameplay differences. Plus it is cool to see what happens to New Mombasa after chief left to go fight on the Delta Halo.

Kind of like in half life opposing force and blueshift. You got to play more of the same timeline but in different parts of the facility from different points of views. I always liked how they did that. I always wanted to know what happened elsewhere in the black mesa research facility while gordon was doing his thing. Glad that valve gave gamers the opportunity to play from different angles instead of just one.

This game looks to offer a similar experience. Reach beta is just a bonus for me.

BlackTar1873717d ago

if you think ODST wont sell on its own . Got my copy preordered and i dont like halo well since halo 1 was so damn good i ws let down after but the Coop=Dynamite. It will be good people just look to hard. A 7 is good to me some of the best games i ever played weren't 9 or 10's and 10's anyways is a joke now

Dark Collosis3717d ago

You sony fans come in here to complain that $60 is too much for this game. Yet you rant and rave about sony trying to sell you GOW1 & 2 on a blueray disc so you can play it on your PS3? At least MS is selling us 7-8 hours of new single player content not to mention anything else.. ODST is already preordered and will pick it up on DAY 1 of release. Halo 3 is still in the top 50 sold games in the world EVERY MONTH and i will gladly buy a HUGE expansion to one of the best FPS games made this generation.

Tinted Eyes3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Sony putting 2 critically acclaimed games on one disc with updated graphics (720p/60 frames) on one disc for 40 bucks is bad? Whoa. You're Hilarious.

etownone3717d ago

if only Sony had a mega-juggernaut exclusive franchise like Halo that completely destroys everything in it's path.

Bungie has millions of fans that will gladly support them and buy this game based on their past record of AAA Halo games and their continuing support to their games. No other developer does the kind of fan service Bungie does.

JokesOnYou3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Halo Sucks, OK, OK, OK we get win SDF, you're right and we're wrong, theres no reason on Earth to buy ODST, the SDF is just looking out for Halo fans best interest....I mean what the hell were we thinking, ODST will not be fun, we should buy the games that are *supposedly so much better, even if we *personally would have more fun playing ODST, who needs fun anyway, games are serious business, we've finally seen the light, you can stop hating, err I mean educating us now, nobody's going to buy ODST. phew[That should hold them off for awhile, I hope].

Yeah OK whatever last time I checked offering more in one package to make a game worth $60 was a good thing. PS3 fanboys downplayed Crackdown for the same reason yet that turned out to be a great game, well worth its price but lets face it Halo fans want to play more of the Halo3 storyline, ODST would sell for that reason alone, so adding more incentive is just good PR for the true fans to know they will also be able to get first crack at Halo Reach. The haters would still be hating ODST had micro added a beta invite or not, just like they will hate on Halo Reach, just like they hate on Natal for any reason, just like they hate on the 360 bundle news, just like they hate on anything to do with micro....jealousy is all. Sucks to be them.

-I wonder why a game like GI Joe which for alot folks isn't worth $10 doesn't get the same kind of hate? Wheres are the "Is GI Joe worth it?" articles with this much attention from the SDF trying to save people from waisting their money?


3717d ago
Tinted Eyes3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

lol Look at JOY go, He really takes these things to heart lol
Reviews will be fun though. :)

Anyone else notice how quickly agrees come for cooliris? lol

blackpanther253717d ago

yeah Crackdown came with the HALO 3 multiplayer Demo (that why i bought it lol). I thought crackdown was going to suck, but it was actually good

likedamaster3717d ago

Guys? This is Halo we're talking about. It prints money.

Not even the juggernaut Call of Duty 4 could sell as much copies on one platform.

BlackTar1873717d ago

infamous didnt sell the best but was one hella of a game so if all uyou care about is sales i feel sorry for you. Flop is a word i use for games that get hype and suck infamous i don't really remember to much hype aside from the prototype hype so to me infamous is not a flop and should never be uttered in the same sentence sales are sales thats all the game was fricken sweet so please use a gamers pref. and logic when declaring flops please be a gamer first a sales puppet second and as far as im concerned ODST and infamous are both good games we wont know if ODST is great till we play it but ive only heard one person tell me infamous wasn't great and it was for me.

I just cant stand people who call themselves gamers but pledge there devotion to one console sure pick one you like better but dont hate on good games it make you look like a newb who's first console was a ps3 or 360 be a gamer goddamit please both sides support these devs for there effort not for the system of choice.

Talk about backward thinking

Max Power3717d ago

I was content just reading everyones stupid comments, but I had to say something about yours. Sony has Gran Turismo, and if I am not mistaken has sold more than Halo.

TK4213717d ago

PS3 "fanboys" didn't say Halo Reach would sell Halo ODST Stephen McGill of Microsoft said so.

morganfell3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

That is the problem Microsoft. You don't get it. ODST SHOULD SELL ODST.

It's really nice when Microsoft admits to the public the game doesn't have enough sand in it's pants to float it's own boat. Good job MS.

cereal_killa3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Gran Turismo Says hello if only M$ had an mega-juggernaut "Exclusive Franchise" that's not also on the PC like Gran Turismo that completely destroys everything in it's path. There fixed it for you....

randomwiz3717d ago

It doesn't need Halo Reach beta to sell. No one is going to buy this game just for halo reach. Obviously, if they want Halo Reach beta, they also want to play this game.

Although I don't think this game will sell as well as Halo 3. I know lots of people who bought a 360 just for Halo, and those same people don't know that ODST is coming out.

cmrbe3717d ago

If they said. Halo reach beat is an added incentive for people to buy ODST it would have been better for them.

Truth is. Brand name and ODST movie ad marketing campaign budget will sell this game.

ReservoirDog3163717d ago

Well, that and the word Halo on the box. I would truly be surprised if this sells badly, cause well, that's the world we live in.

Witty Comment3716d ago

a lot of Halo and MS hate here. It's not like they're charging 40 bucks for a demo. ;)

Just playing guys, just playing.

Microsoft Xbox 3603716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

This only confirms that ODST isn't significant enough to sell itself. There you have it folks, straight from the horses mouth.

Evoluti0n3716d ago

'they got to do something after many reviewers gave it a mediocre score.'

What are you talking about?

Two reviews from two sites who have yet to play a legal version of a game, since its still do you say it...under embargo?

Your stupidity amazes me.

JsonHenry3716d ago

I really don't care for the Halo series myself, but this game could totally sell itself because of all the rabid Halo fans out there can't wait for the next Halo installment.

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MetalGearRising3717d ago

Not exactly i'm getting the game because its Halo......Halo Reach is just extra toppings.

D4RkNIKON3717d ago

Seems like you would buy a turd in a box as long as it says Halo.

chidori6663717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )


halo sdtv in 2009

halo gayreach in 2010...

2 games in space of 1 year pffff hahhahaha..


3717d ago
topdawg1223717d ago

Overrated!!! *clap clap clap clapclapclap* Overrated!!!

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jamesrocks31473717d ago

it says everything the latest reviews proves this halo will flop

Perjoss3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

you obviously didn't see the pre order numbers.

GiantEnemyCrab3717d ago

The latest reviews? What reviews?


1. Xbox 360: Halo 3: ODST (2009) xx

No Reviews.

aldesko3717d ago

Doesn't the game come out in less than a week? Why is there an embargo until Sunday?

ShabzS3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

are from people without any extended info on reach... imagine if they actually show what reach is like to generate even more excitement...

if they show some sort of footage at tgs or something like that it would be insane ...

coz right now for me odst's selling star is the 30$ worth of halo 3 map packs and new campaign right outta the box

Omega43717d ago

Really? I thought the Halo name would be enough, im not really to bothered about the beta and knowing MS i doubt ODST will be the only means of getting into it.

And funnily enough Crackdown 2 coming out next year......

Panthers3717d ago

Well I think Crackdown 2 is a legit title worthy of selling a lot. But this Halo ODST just seems like a quick cash in my M$. I mean how much could dev costs have been on this title to justify the $60 price?

aldesko3717d ago

"And funnily enough Crackdown 2 coming out next year..."

lol, never thought of that. I'd like to play the beta, but I'm not going to spend $60 on it. I'll be getting Crackdown 2 day one, so hopefully they'll include another beta in it =D