Official Persona 3 Portable trailer from Atlus

Atlus have just released official Persona 3 Portable trailer. It shows a ton of new content and gameplay - even the crazed teacher from Persona 4 shows up in cameo. Enjoy!

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Light Yagami3709d ago

Cool trailer. Persona 3 is the l33t.

Reibooi3709d ago

Looks great. It seems what they are doing is adding new content while also adding the combat improvements Persona 4 brought to the series.

Xandet3709d ago

Ok.. so I've bought both P3 and P3:FES. Funny thing is that I'm EXCITED to buy this version, rather than feeling taken advantage of (Squeenix..). I STILL have yet to complete the game, yet I still firmly know it is one of the best JRPG's I've every played (and P4, of course). It's this reason I'm more than happy to support Atlus in their promotion of the Persona series. I just hope we get a P5 on PS3 announcement sometime soon! :D

Homicide3709d ago

Ahahaha, that teacher makes a cameo in the 'Operation Babe Hunt' event. Great trailer.

ZeroYui3709d ago

Looks really really awesome.The RPG gamer inside me is crying tears of joy. AND ewwwww that WOMAN is there X_X

Obama3709d ago

I know you can be a boy or girl this time around, but I wonder how the dating works out if you choose to be a girl? You have two jocks, a weeabo, a fat guy, and a nerd.

Reibooi3709d ago

Well it's safe to say that the characters may act a bit different for the female character not to mention you will have the members of SEES as well. It's really to early to tell but this does go back to what i was saying awhile ago how the male and female play mechanic will work better in P5 since P5 will have been designed around it as opposed to having it added in.

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The story is too old to be commented.