Thunderbolt: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Review

Thunderbolt writes: "The Elysian Box is cursed. That's what everyone thinks, anyway. It's an evil container capable of killing anyone who opens it. Just imagine owning such a thing. You could spend hours gazing at its superb craftsmanship and ornate design, trying to figure out some inkling of its true nature. How can something so beautiful be so deadly? How did it get its powers? Where did it come from? It wouldn't take long for your questions to consume you; curiosity is a powerful motivator, even if it leads to death. Dr. Schrader learned that the hard way. Not only is he dead, but the box is missing as well. Armed with nothing more than a few clues left by the late doctor, Professor Layton must now uncover the circumstances of the death of his former mentor and discover the secrets behind the box."

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