Has the PS3 Lived up to Your Expectations?

Gary Writes:

"I've now had my PS3 for over a month and a half and I've come to the conclusion that it's lived up to my expectations, and then some. Paying £425 for the hardware alone is a lot of money, and that's even before you buy any games or extra pads etc. For me, the £425 I paid for it is money well spent and I haven't regretted it, not even when I could've got it for around £60 cheaper just two weeks later! Why? Read on and you'll find out."

nice_cuppa6042d ago

not yet !

its a hard system to work so the really good stuff will take time !

360 and wii will pwn ps3 this year !

2008 is going to be were the good fighting starts !

gta_cb6041d ago (Edited 6041d ago )

i dont actually know why so many people have disagreed with you, as i think the same thing.

the PS3 hasnt Lived up to my Expectations YET! i believe it will, but untill it does i wont buy one. hopefully that time will be next year as there are to many games for me to buy this year. so like nice_cuppa said next year is when the attacking starts

GeneYus6041d ago

I think the blogger meant for those of us who actually purchased one...

InMyOpinion6042d ago (Edited 6042d ago )

Nice source...a blog.

And no, still not worth it's price and hardly any interesting games out at all. When is Lair coming out? summer 2009? Which was the latest big game release, Motorstorm? I mean c'mon, the gaps between good titles is too big on the Ps3. I'm looking forward to an actionpacked summer with tons of games on...err...another console (I don't dare mention it on this thread).

Marty83706042d ago (Edited 6042d ago )

Yes, it looks cool, runs cool and is reliable. Unlike the 360. Also PS3 games and PSN are getting better all the time. Can't wait for 'HOME'.

gta_cb6041d ago

yes its getting better all the time, and i must say some handy features like linking your PSP to it. BUT i still dont think it has Lived up to my Expectations. but saying this, Sony are commited to this for 10 years, and i believe it can become a great console =) just needs dedication like bringing us a price drop

candystop6042d ago

I would have to say no! Until I see something on the same level as GEOW and an online service that rivals Live I'm not sold even with the promise of Home! There is just nothing about PS3 that screams 600 to me and honestly based on what I've seen I wouldn't pay anymore then 250 for it!

gta_cb6041d ago

i was going to agree with everything you have said. but i deff think the PS3 is worth more then £250. i think about £300 - £350 then i would deff look into buying one =) (as long as there are good games, otherwise it would be the most expensive multimedia player i have ever brought lol (aka not having games to play)

i ment £300-£350 UK pounds so i think thats about .... $450... i think ... you do the math =)