Game Vortex: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Wii Review

Game Vortex writes: "We generally subscribe to the notion that more of a good thing is just... more good. The first game in this series, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, was a hit on the Wii from the perspective that it filled a relatively empty genre niche with a license that any comic-reader turned-gamer had to love. The bottom line on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is that the big stuff hasn't been messed with or much improved, but more of the same isn't a bad thing when you start with a decent product. The respect paid to Marvel's characters is evident throughout the game, although the graphics seem to have gone a bit soft. The detailed screens showing each character's abilities and costume suffers from severe lumpiness of a sort that might be appropriate for Hulk, but hardly for Ms. Marvel or similar curvaceous beauties. But as Spider-Man might quip at this moment, "Are you here to ogle the ladies, or get 'yer game on?"

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