Nvidia confident that GT300 wins over 5870

Nvidia is still not revealing any details about its chip that we still call GT300 but one thing is getting quite certain. A few people who saw just leaked performance data on ATI's soon to launch Radeon HD 5870 have told Fudzilla that they are absolutely confident that GT300 will win over Radeon HD 5870.

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Nihilism3718d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

"We can only confirm that GT300 is not a GT200 in 40nm with DirectX 11 support. It’s a brand new chip that was designed almost entirely from the ground up."

well that makes me happy right there, all the negative rumours about poor yields, late arrival of the new cards, and rumours about the possibility of poor performance relative to ati had me worried..but all is well with the world once more, and we can dream of a world in which crysis lays in a smoldering heap


the 5870 had 43 frames at 1980*1050 with 4aa, so i'd say it would have about a 40 frame average at that resolution, and the tests would have been in dx10 so that's pretty damn good imo, and if this article is to be believed then nvidia might even top that

Elaine Benes3717d ago

ATI has been whipping some ass lately.
But Nvidia has been setting the pace in the GPU market for a while.

JsonHenry3717d ago

If the Nvidia card out-performs the 5870 then I will get the Nvidia part. But I am glad that ATi is still around to give the best price/performance ratio for people looking to game on the cheap.

PROFIT3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )


especially with the new icores

hmmmm i love the smell of new planar boards heating up

evrfighter3717d ago

I'm sure there's some truth to Nvidia's claims but with a 2% yield. Your looking at $500 starting.

ATI is where they're at now because of their price/performance ratio. Nvidia has yet to realize this.

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snaileri3718d ago

Maybe this card will give us playable frame rates on Crysis at maxed settings at 2560x1600

zagibu3716d ago would have to be more than twice as fast as current cards...

Pandamobile3717d ago

There's no doubt that the GT 300 will take the performance crown the same way the GT 200 did, but it's all going to come down to price, and that's really where ATI's cards shine.

Unless this is priced extremely close to the 5xxx series, ATI will ship a lot more cards.

NRG3717d ago

Yep, that's what me and I'm sure a lot of other people thinking. The fastest of Nvidia will beat the fastest of ATI, but as soon as the price/performance ratio match, ATI will be fair game.

FantasyStar3717d ago

Word on that. Bang for the buck pricing always had and will decide the GFX Market.

Socrates3717d ago

I agree with everything you guys have said. ATI usually gives you better bang for your buck. Since I am not rich I often end up with ATI cards.

josh143993717d ago

if the ati card is a lot cheaper again like last time im getting ati again.

MetalGearRising3717d ago

PC gaming is dead long live consoles.

Pandamobile3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Console gaming is dying. Every generation, consoles get closer and closer to becoming PCs. Eventually, they will actually become just standardized PCs.

Boty3717d ago

PCs aren't dying and Consoles are becoming more like Standard High Performance Computers.

Long live gaming in general.

I hope this card that Nvidia Is developing is better than the 280, or 295. If it is I'll be all over it. That an a Intel Core i7.

*Shivers* oh yeaa...

solar3717d ago

gotta love Nvidia and ATI pushing each other like this. and /clap again Pan. you have been on a roll lately.

cant wait for DX11. might have to do another rebuild. because its fun :D

Pandamobile3717d ago

"PCs aren't dying and Consoles are becoming more like Standard High Performance Computers"

More like mid-range, amirite?

The consoles can only play fricking COD4 at 1024 x 600. I had a piece of crap PC in 2007 when that game came out and I still ran it at 1280 x 1024 with maxed settings and antialiasing.

Arnon3717d ago

lol it's so true... my 4830 card renders Oblivion with draw distances of about 200x the normal amount that a console would. Mass Effect and CoD4 runs flawlessly at Ultra High and they blow away the console versions.

...and go figure, I run Source Engine games with framerates in the high 100's. I hit 215.16 FPS on the stress test of CSS lolz.

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The story is too old to be commented.