GTA V "expected in FY '11," says Piper

VG247: Piper Jaffray's Anthony Gikas has bumped his Take-Two target up to $15, from $11, saying in a note that GTA V is "expected" in the company's fiscal '11.

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FlipMode3716d ago

Hope its like San Andreas.

Harry_Manback3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Hope its not like IV.

Kain813716d ago

was the worst GTA in my opinion...
Hope that GTA V is better than this

UnSelf3716d ago

ps3 exclusive?

(crosses fingers)

Nitrowolf23716d ago

Well if it is (or isn't) i want them to make it SA style but with GT4 graphics(or better).

Silence3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

is the only way it will be amazing. We need a GTA that takes full advantage of Blu-Ray and Cell. Period.

Daz3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Propely be on pc as well so its not a exclusive(console exclsuive you could say). Well we dont know, so we wait and see.

gta iv on pc is the best. mods ftw. But it did have alot of problems when released.

DaTruth3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Is that what the game really looks like on PC???? That walks up and down on the console's a$$e$. I mean, everything that's moving looks similar, but the buildings look like real life!

If not, is it a mod? Pretty awesome mod if that's the case!

joydestroy3716d ago

^^^it's a PC mod, bro. hence the mod forum. looks insane. can't wait to get my m17x to see if it can load that! lol

rob60213716d ago

If it was PS3 exclusive I'd think they could market it to be 50GB to coincide with the 5

potenquatro3715d ago

How bout putting it PS4? It's 2011 ffs.

"Well if it is (or isn't) i want them to make it SA style but with GT4 graphics(or better)" WTF? how bout GTA *V* grafics. Y would you be content with GTA *IV*. Gaming will die cause dumb people are killing it.

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Ron_Burgundy3716d ago

when Agent becomes a great success Rockstar will make GTA 5 a PS3 exclusive

-GoldenTimeLover-3716d ago

I agree. I hope they do make GTA5 exclusive so that they can maximize the game with bluray.

Liquid Ocelot3716d ago

Hope it's exclusive to 360 so it doesn't get watered-down by the other console *cough* Ps3 *cough*

WMW3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

"On PS3 you've got a guarantee that every machine is going to have a hard-drive and, with Blu-ray, you've got plenty of storage, whereas on Xbox 360 there's no guarantee of a hard-drive and you're working with the DVD format. Does that create limitations?" To which he replied, "Yep."

that is a quote from interview with Dan Houser so Liquid Ocelot what we should be worrying about is if the 360 will continue to hold the ps3 and gta back.

Sez 3716d ago

yeah cause every ps3 has a harddrive and uses BLU-RAY. it really did wonders for the ps3 version of ghostbuster,SF4,GTA. i mean all those games where at 1080P. right.

oh wait. they wasn't. meaning they where watered down.

DaTruth3716d ago

Is anything on the 360 1080p? Nuff said!

WMW3716d ago

those games are the way they are because devs make games to fit the less powerful system just look at any ps3 exclusive compared to those games plus get upset all you want those are rockstars words i quoted

DaTruth3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Since we know Sony plans on every game being able to scale to 3D, and we can guess they've had this plan for a long time; We can start to deduce that that is the reason few games on the PS3 have been in 1080p. The PS3 can run all games at 1080p, just not in 3D; And putting not 3D compatible on the box after every game is 3D compatible might hurt the sale of said not 3D compatible game.

Having no plans for 3D, What is 360's excuse???

Sez 3716d ago

yeah sure.(rolls eyes)"because devs make games to fit the less powerful system". and if i'm not mistaken. ghostbuster was done on the ps3 then ported to the 360. wouldn't that make the ps3 as per your logic "less powerful console". and the other game was at lower REZ than the 360 version. if anything dev's can put games on 2 DVD if the 360 version is lacking. stop running the "look at ps3 exclusives" excuse.because that's all it is an excuse.

Persistantthug3716d ago

They apparently specialize more in PC games.

So basically they appear to be noob devs., regarding PS3 development.

Sez 3716d ago

For real. are you serious. i didn't know that Terminal Reality made that. well since you said Terminal Reality made that game. that excuses all. stop the BS excuses plz. instead of you accepting the fact that only exclusive and some (very little) mutli-plat look good on the ps3. stop with "oh because 360 uses DVD or on HDD" as an excuse as to why multi-plats doesn't match up to the 360 version. if dvd's is such a problem. just put it on 2 disk.

Unicron3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I see the fanboys are so jealous of awesome PS3 exclusives, they need to troll using characters that will never be seen on their own systems. I guess that's how it goes when your system lacks any recognizable and amazing characters.


ape0073716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

just fighting non sense

gta 4 looks 720p,runs much better on 360,ps3 version seems weak in comparison(I know I'll get tons of disagrees)

BUT,360 was the lead console of gta 4,that why it was better on 360(guys believe me,Im not a fanboy,I wish gta 5 be a ps3 exclusive but it's true,I even got the ps3 version first) and if rockstar build GTA 5 ON PS3,using blu-ray and cell,it will be a much better game,everytime I look at gta 4 blu-ray disk,I say "damn what if all this space filled with gta 4 engine"

so,I wish that gta 5 be a ps3 exclusives or more correctly,I wish R* use full duel layerd blu-ray

but to be truly honest and realistic,I see no chance of gta 5 being ps3 exclusive,just look at gta 4 360 sales,do u think a company like R* would leave that huge 360 fanbase,nope,there will be a solution of course

I guess that the solution is to use 1 blu-ray on ps3 and on 360 you install disk 2 and disk 3 while disk 1 stays in the tray without installing just 4 direct reading of it;s content and the other disks are already installed, this sounds good, but at the expense of hard drive space, and the Arcade owners who'll not be able to run this game on their console but then again, it's better than nothing :)

anyway,I can't wait for the ballad og gay tony,It looks mad fun,if u mix base jumps,tanks,nitros,helicopters and stuff with the brilliant gfx,physics,realism and immersion of gta4,u have a damn winner

Rourker3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

"if dvd's is such a problem. just put it on 2 disk."

this isn't always an option, for there are royalty fees the devs need to pay to use multiple disks, so unless you like or prefer to pay $89.99 for a 360 game, in which at one or more places in the game you have to stop your game switch disks and start up again.

This argument came up about the game Rage, and how they don't want to put it on more than 2 disks.

edit: on the side regarding this story, I can believe that GTA V will be out in 2011. Seems like a good year.

WMW3716d ago

yes ps3 games look far superior to multiplatform and 360 exclusives and everyone but the 360 fanboys know this. ps3 games get compared to high end pc games and real life multiplatform and 360 exclusives don't. since we see what the ps3 can do with exclusives it means multiplatform games could be better but since they are suppose to be equal they don't use the ps3s hardware to its full potential. they can't make a 25 gig gta because the 360 doesn't have 25 gigs so they settle for the 9 gigs it has meaning they use the lowest common denominator as the standard for both systems. its like this one car has a top speed of 150mph(360) and another has a top speed of 300mph(ps3) if someone wanted them to be the same the 300mph would have to slow down so the 150mph could keep up but its not likely they will always be the same speed just close(thats why multiplatform games aren't always the same its not the 360 being better its the ps3 having to be dumb down for the 360 to keep up).

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