Blu-ray dominates on Amazon, not Google

According to eProductWars, a site measuring data gathered from, the Blu-ray format is beating out HD DVD in the following categories:


There is one chart that seems to indicate HD DVD is in a lead position. The last chart is for Google searches and HD DVD is much more sought after by the search engine elite.

Average price is increasing for both
Number of DVD's available for purchase and shipping have leveled out
Blu-ray is losing steam in the top 100 product sales rank

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Robotz Rule4180d ago

Until B-Ray conquers!

One step at a time:)

gta_cb4179d ago

well i hope so. as i am keeping out of the market untill the reach a winner, especially with the romoured BluRay add on for MS Xbox 360.

ITR4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

I believe we won't really know until 2008-2009.

Mainly because thats when everyone will start buying HDTV sets.

Then the consumer will decide which is the best with their buying power.
Most will go for less.

Whoever gets to the $199-299 range(stand alone players) the fastest will probably win.

I know I would buy it.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- -----------------
For those that disagree.
I'm sorry not everyone wants a PS3 or a 360 HD-DVD add-on.

If you work retail then you would already know this.
People want the best quality at everyday low prices at places like Wal-Mart and Target.

gta_cb4179d ago (Edited 4179d ago )

to be honest with me owning a Xbox 360 and using the HD option available (Component) i know its amazing, but i also want to in the future, buy a PS3, now if they KNEW that BluRay is going to win, then i would rather buy a PS3 and have the BluRay and best of both worlds for gaming, rather then buying a standalone HD or BluRay DVD player.

BUT if HD DVD won, then i would buy the add on and prob wait a few more months and buy a PS3.

oh and it would suite me perfectly with me using component HD for my Xbox 360, i still have my HDMI port, so i wont be switching the arials between them like i have done sometimes in the past with last gen consoles.

EnforcerOfTheTruth4180d ago

...HD-DVD beats Blu in google. I'm also pretty sure it does it hands down, Blu gets owned. The reason for this ownage is...HD-DVD owners are desperate for new movies haha

tehcellownu4180d ago

Blue-Ray seem to be domninating all time..Its no suprise since they have better movie line up.I am just waiting for Final Fantasy Advent Childen to come on BLue Ray its goin to be sweet!!

drtysouf214180d ago

They are putting that on Blu-Ray? Oh man i can't wait!

ITR4180d ago

I doubt it will look much better then the std DVD ver.

Might be worth a buy, if you never owned it before though.

LoveHateTragedy4180d ago

Maybe I just notice DVD compression quicker than most people, but I want to see all that crazy action in HD.

sonarus4180d ago

guess its not over yet. Would be really funny though if HD-DVD did win. Actually not really

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The story is too old to be commented.