Final Fantasy XIII scheduled for March 2010 EU/NA simultaneous release

4 videos of the Final Fantasy XIII's Premiere Party speeches have been posted on the release date announcement, the Final Fantasy XIII elixir announcement and the 2 speeches of Kaz Hirai and Yoshinori Kitase/Motomu Toriyama. Sadly the videos don't include any new footage but they include a rather surprising announcement that was misunderstood by several gaming sites:

Yoshinori Kitase:

"In the past it would be six months to almost a year after the initial release in Japan, so we're hoping to narrow the margin down. We hope it will only be three months after the Japanese release."

With English translations and voice acting as well as French and German translation already completed, I think this is highly possible. Of course Square Enix said in the past that the game needs to be released after April 2010 to fit in their fiscal year but for such a big title they might make an exception isn't it?

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Omega43713d ago

If SE manage to get it out in the US that quickly i would be shocked, but if they manage a simultaneous release in EU as well then wow just wow

SpoonyRedMage3713d ago

It's not impossible. The Last Remnant was simultaneous and some games have been released just days apart. I think Europe may have even got Infinite Undiscovery first.

Of course Europe should take priority over America now as their European division is much, much bigger than their American division.

jahcure3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

In march 2010...gonna be a fun month of gaming.

So far for the rest of the year I have to play and or will own:

Batman: AA (PS3) (still sealed)
Unchated 2 (PS3)
Fifa 2010 (PS3)
Halo: OSDT (x360)

NGS2 (PS3)
FORZA 3 (X360)

And this is only for 2009...there's more games i'll rent but these are front runners.

Finally made it to level 13 and 13 platinums :)

Think i have about 7000GS for my 360. I gotta admit though, since trophies came out i game mostly on my converted me with that one and i can't believe what I was missing out on in terms of features before i took the plunge.

gaffyh3713d ago

It's a little to crowded in March, I believe WKC and Splinter Cell and Alan Wake are also coming in March or near that time?

locos853713d ago

Will be a double edged sword for gamers. Tons of great games but after Christmas I think most of us will be tight on money. It sucks walking by a game you want in a store knowing you don't have the money for it.

But I def will buy God of War 3 and Splinter Cell next year. Both games look great.

ThanatosDMC3713d ago

March and February is when Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2 is suppose to come out. Yeah, lots of games!

Redempteur3713d ago

last remnant was possible because they began the translation way before the final stage of the release ..They had time to do everything ... i'm not sure if this is the case here ..unless someone paid to have it quickly on thier console ..

bunbun7773713d ago

You should see if there is a BioLife in your area-- not for everyone but it is generally safe and if you go twice a week for what amounts to about 90 minutes a visit -- you get an extra like 250 bucks a month.

Plasma donation, of course there are other types of things you can donate for money....

SupaPlaya3713d ago

that whole thing about:

"We won't start development on the 360 version until the PS3 version is done."

is a total lie. In order to make the experience as close to equal as possible, that statement just doesn't make sense.

GameGambits3713d ago

Games I plan to buy or rent in 2010:
God of War 3
White Knight Chronicles
Splinter Cell Conviction
Mass Effect 2
Bioshock 2
Lost Planet 2

That's a pretty hefty list, and one comprised of games all due out within weeks of each other. I expect more games to push themselves out to summer or as close to end of the fiscal year as they can.

The 3 I know I couldn't live without buying up there though are:
Lost Planet 2
MAG/BioShock 2 (Tie between these two, so whoever gets the better review scores for their multiplayer from some big name sites will be a buy for sure)

Anyway you look at it 2010 for gamers will be like a re-birth of PS1 and PS2 era where we had PLENTY to pick from. :D

SixTwoTwo3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Why would you be shocked? SE got IU, TLR, and SO4 all out with worldwide releases so why not FFXIII?

@Above... Agreed 2010 is going to be an awesome year for gamers

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-GoldenTimeLover-3713d ago

So what Wada said at the premier party was true that the NA/EU version will be released three months from the JP release. Awesome news.

SupaPlaya3713d ago

they are able to port the game to 360 plus finish the localization in +/- 3 months' time?

Noctis Aftermath3713d ago

No because the 360 version at last count was 70% completed, they were working on it long before it was announced as not ps3 exclusive, pretty much since the time they changed to a multiplat engine it stopped being exclusive.

btw stop bringing this up, it depresses me to think of the bonuses that we could of have but won't anymore.

SupaPlaya3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )


My biggest complaint is no japanese voice over in American version, nor is there english sub in the japanese version.

Whitefox7893713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

At least Yoshirnori Kitase said they hope it takes three months.

Wada only mentioned the release date for the Japanese version.

So it's not exactly written in stone.....

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Nitrowolf23713d ago

march will be Epic
GOW3 and This. Man i need to start saving more.

LarVanian3713d ago

Sorry Square but I'm saving my money for GOW3 and Heavy Rain :D.

PS360WII3713d ago

Oh goodies! I do hope it works out for a March release :)

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