Ubisoft Reiterate Reason For Splinter Cell Delay

Xbox LifeStyle writes:

"As you've no doubt heard, a while ago, Splinter Cell: Conviction was further delayed in to the "March quarter" of 2010. Yves Guillemot of Ubisoft has now restated the reason for this."

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KionicWarlord2223709d ago

So splinter cell delayed the game because of other games looking graphically better this year ?


gamesR4fun3709d ago

The game itself still would have been good – even a great game. But we want it to be an excellent game, because the other games coming out are getting better all the time. So we said: why not? If we can delay it and benefit then that’s a good thing.

looked as good as anything id seen on the 360 from the previews we saw...
wonder if it was running on a pc and they still workin on the console version?

ShabzS3709d ago

yeah it looked really good ... but the insane thing is its running on a modded unreal 2.5 or or as they call it the LEAD engine which the used in chaos theory... the game looked really good and it had more to do with the lightingin and art style...

but you can just sense the delay is coz of modern warfare 2 ... but the extra time does give them about 4 to 5 more months of polish so it can only get better

Pizzagaki3709d ago

I think its more Halo they are afraid of.
Halo will sell, no matter what the competition brings, and no one wants to stand in the shadows of Halo, Cuz noone will notice you then.

I am Legend3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

*hands him drool bag*

I KNOW....i know...

KionicWarlord2223709d ago

lol you stole my line again...

ThanatosDMC3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Hmmm... confirmed for the PS3 then? Someone had to say it... errr... nvm... HHG did all ready.

Rhythmattic3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Actually.. Best they take their time and make it the best it can be.

Its just like a home cooked meal, its better than that fast food junk.

3709d ago
KionicWarlord2223709d ago

From the article

"The game itself still would have been good – even a great game. But we want it to be an excellent game, because the other games coming out are getting better all the time."

Which means the graphics wouldn't be better then there competition .

ubisoft wouldn't have made a statement like that .

SupaPlaya3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

"In case your smart enough"

Was that necessary?

likedamaster3709d ago

"Badass: The Game" delayed to make it even more badass? *faints*

Defectiv3_Detectiv33709d ago

Then why ever release a game, why not just keep polishing and polishing until nobody wants to play it anymore!

You have to release the damn thing sometime, frankly I'd be more concerned then excited if I had preordered this game

Its not that they can't compete w/ COD, they probably cant compete w/ AC2.

gamesR4fun3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I mean they could jus b scared of going head to head with the big boys... But really this is one of the best looking games we saw on the 360.
At the very least they should go for a dec 26 release so all the guys who got some crap game for xmas can trade for it.

Cant say im not worried tho this game looked solid. I just hope it comes out alright. This is def one of the biggies I jus cant see em scared of putting it up against any of the games out this year... Then again ms coulda asked them to delay it. With ODST, L4D2, and MW2 hitting this year they gotta know our wallets are getting strained.

FamilyGuy3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

How is that not true for march 2010? It should just come out when it's done, all games should. I don't choose to spend money towards games depending on the time of the year it is but instead choose based on when a game i want is coming out.

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-GoldenTimeLover-3709d ago

SCC delay = PS3 version coming.

TheXgamerLive3709d ago

that ps3 wannabe's like your self obviously have NO GAMES to play on your wannabe console so you just SPAM every Xbox 360 post, there's hundreds of bored little boys like you who constantly troll on here on every Xbox related thing. I mean EVERYTHING and ANYTHING XBOX. Your sad lil boy, very sad.

Ron_Burgundy3709d ago

Time and money spent on the HD PS3 version

Lord_Ranos3709d ago

We just want the supeior verion Xbot. Like always.

PlayStation X3709d ago

lol xgamer, you miserable c*nt


Gabe EatsWell3709d ago

Why is he sad? The PS3 has the best library of games, unlike your betabox which continue to lose exclusives like SO4 the other day and you only have ODLC and Grossza 3 to play this year. You're the sad one.

"It's idiots like you who CONTINUOSLY prove
that ps3 wannabe's like your self obviously have NO GAMES to play on your wannabe console".
- That statement of yours makes you the idiot. Oh and it's "you're" not "your". Time for you to go back to school.

PROFIT3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

wow xgamer reallly took that hard.

have some tissues, girl
and dont forget the lube

JasonPC360PS3Wii3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

You mean like Ghostbusters PS3 (ps3 lead platform) Half Life Orange Box and about 95% of all the multiplats that look, run, play and are far superior on the 360?

waltercross3709d ago

Actually I Think The Game will appear on PS3, After all It's SC.
It'll have more content to because of Blu-Ray.

So Jason, no not Like Ghostbusters, but Like SO4 with lots
of added content.

I Think Graphically they'll both look almost alike, and
both versions will be a good game.

Boty3709d ago

Are you calling PS3 Fans "wannabe gamers"? Just answer this for me:

What came first, the PlayStation or the Xbox?

Just because your game had been delayed and Xbox fanboys had to put 'Foot in Mouth' over the "Ps3 has Delayed Games" Argument doesn't mean you have to get all defensive about it and look Stupid.

3708d ago
waltercross3708d ago

Yes, we do know what happens to Multi console games.
If released at the exact same time, the 360 Version tends
to look slightly better(though this has been changing).

If the PS3 Version is released monthes later It Tends to
look slightly better with much added content, do the research.

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I am Legend3709d ago

I would like them to fix the way he moves from window to window like a just seems so fake.

MetalGearRising3709d ago

True where still waiting for a superior multi-platform game to come our way only time will tell.

Halo_Reach3709d ago

They need good games to 2010...

They have only GoW3...

Model3709d ago

keep buying those sh!tty 360 exclusives, you are funding the superior version for the ps3

OmarJA3709d ago

LMFAO! delumine, bubbles...

I swear to god these bots are the most laughable joke on this site.

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