Staten Island Up Close

No Muggings in New Dorp, and Game Fans Are Miffed.

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Satanas4484d ago

shoot yourself. You and every other fanboy.

AzaziL4484d ago

tilt my car on the side or something? run with a lean? tilt control has no place in a third person adventure game, i can't even imagine shooting with every move of my handing messing up my shot. on the flip side, 360 has rumble control which will be implemented in various ways such as the bass of vehicles being felt on the controller. Might be useful if your getting chased by thugs in that pimped out suv and u can feel them coming close. granted, i'll be getting both to see which one is truly better, especially since both will have entirely different exclusive content and being the gta freak i am, i need to have it all.

Satanas4484d ago

That's dedication.

I wouldn't have the money for getting the same game multiplatform.

But for the different content, it makes sense.

I agree that sixaxis won't be anything to gawk about for this particular game, but I'm sure they'll throw something neat in to support it.

tethered4484d ago

The only thing I can see the sixaxis being good with is with helicopters.

While I never really notice the lack of rumble (even when I am playing SA on my PS3), I think rumble would be good for a game like this. Certainly wouldn't hurt to add it.

gta_cb4484d ago

yeh man i feel your eager to buy both games! but unlucky for me i dont own a PS3 yet, but when i get my PS3 i will be getting this game, unless of course there is a new version announced to be released soon.

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BitbyDeath4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

Where'd that picture come from? Is that new?

^^This one^^

The Panther4484d ago

in the latest issue of the mag there is a huge GTAIV blowout, the graphics look way better than the first trailer.

BitbyDeath4484d ago

Are there more pictures around somewhere cause i haven't seen them yet? It does look a lot better than the initial trailer

Could probably buy the mag since i'm in Australia but meh

btkadams4484d ago

meh who cares about staten island not making the cut. they did it for a reason.

AzaziL4484d ago

there's a good chance that Staten Island is the extra downloadable content that's exclusive to the 360. It makes sense since it's that big exclusive that Microsoft paid for and really the only thing that can be added to the game without being ambiguous to Liberty City. Anything less would be disappointing for Microsoft to be touting as their exclusive, since cars, guns, and other minor content is already common for games on xbox live. We probably won't see it until at least the holiday season of this year or next spring. Does this mean the PS3 will have it? Probably, but like they did to the xbox, not for another 6 months.

tethered4484d ago

Good point but I still don't think it matters what system you get it on.
Both will be more that we all expect.

I will play it on my friends 360 and enjoy the hell out of every minute I spend playing it.
He will do the same while playing it on my PS3. The best of both worlds I must say!

gta_cb4484d ago

good point, i didnt think of this... not to sure though, as you said if it is just stuff like cars MS wont be too happy... we will have to wait and see i guess.

PS360PCROCKS4484d ago

hahahaha are you serious? Who cares? Oh boo hoo my borough didn't get in the game. Uh last time I checked it's still GTA. You can still do all those things they mentioned. Just in a different "borough" some people are so lame sometimes they'll cry over anything.

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