Top 10 First Person Shooters this generation

GB writes: "There have been a ton of great first person shooters released this generation. But the thing unique about this generation is that majority of the FPS based games released have been top notch. Certainly this is one area of gaming where the standards have increased drastically and where standard increases competition is bound to be increased. In this article we present to you the Top ten FPS games this generation."

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gameseveryday3717d ago

so what is everyones choice?

kapedkrusader3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

... the list seems about right. Although, I might have placed Halo at 4th place.

newshounder3717d ago

The list was just OK! However there games like timespillters that cud have made it

JsonHenry3717d ago

Fallout 3 should have been on this list. So should STALKER. And STALKER should have been in the top 5.

I really wish that they would make the STALKER series for consoles so that console only player could experience a GREAT game that they have missed out on.

The BS Police3717d ago

I would have put Halo 3 as my number one choice, it's really the only FPS game this generation with a classic FPS style, it's own artistic style and without the gimmick that is called perks.

shine13963717d ago

Reistance:FOM should have made that list... at least instead of unreal tournament 3. but I can think of a few others..

LightofDarkness3717d ago

Timesplitters was a last gen game?

The list is ok, I wouldn't agree with much of it. For instance, FEAR is not exactly "next-gen" either, it came along before the launch of the 360 and ran on DX9.0c, that weird interim period where PC games were ahead of consoles at the time (PS2, Xbox, GC) but not as powerful as the yet to come 360 or PS3. For me, the top spot would belong to The Orange Box, simply because TF2 is the best multiplayer game I've ever played, Portal was a genuinely innovative and amazing experience, and Half-Life 2 is arguably the greatest single-player FPS of all time (even though the original was released in 2004, Ep2 was released during this gen and maintains a good deal of graphical enhancements). I'd stick Crysis at the number 2 spot, because of it's amazing technical achievements which have yet to be surpassed (it's been 2 years!) and #3 would go to Bioshock.

#4 COD4
#5 KZ2
#6 Halo 3
#8 L4D

... I suppose the rest don't deserve much of a mention, TBH.

Danja3717d ago

Where is RFOM ??? That was one of the best launch games ever and still one of the best PS3 games ...

UT3 and F.E.A.R , shouldn't be on the list ...

yippie1234y3717d ago

very good list although maybe left for dead and vegas2 deserved a spot over some.

even if you personally didn't like modern warfare, that spot cannot be given to any other game at the moment.

locos853717d ago

2) Killzone 2
3) Resistance 2
4) Bioshock
5) Halo 3

Killjoy30003717d ago

I'm extremely disapointed with the lack of Resistance: Fall of Man. I can't believe UT3 made it, but Resistance didn't.

mal_tez923717d ago

But in terms of how fun the shooting is, Killzone 2 destroys any other game. The guns just feel soooooo good.

Call of duty is good too, crysis is ok but the recoil of the guns doesn't feel right.

Games like the Orange Box and Bioshock are great games, but as shooters they fail. Running around while shooting from the hip with a bad aimer and practically zero feeling of the guns, just isn't that fun to me, and is why I never liked games like Halo

ReservoirDog3163717d ago

Resistance and R6 Vegas should be on there. Other than that, pretty good list.

I know some people didn't like R6 Vegas but I think I've played that online longer than any other online game ever. And I don't even like online games too much.

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gameseveryday3717d ago

I guess Halo 3 was too backward for it generation, graphics wise! Thats why its at 10.

THE MAX SPEED 213717d ago

Halo 3 was at the start of the generation. you're trying to bash it.

Handsome_Devil3717d ago

Halo 3 came out in 2007, xbox360 came out in 2005. Sorry you said the start of this generation?? it just doesn't seem right.

oh yeah, just for the sake of mentioning Uncharted came out 2007 as well, while PS3 came out what 2006?

THE MAX SPEED 213717d ago

we're in 2009 and only 3months away from 2010.

Games like halo3 that came out in 2007 can't be compared into games that just got out like KZ2 who had more time into developement.

that's what im saying. Halo3 looked good at the time it was out. but now its not that great because we are FURTHER IN THE GEN.

Handsome_Devil3717d ago

i guess u missed the point where I mentioned Uncharted :)

Reibooi3717d ago


Thats just the thing. Halo 3 didn't look good even for it's time. Is a great game? Sure it has great multiplayer and a pretty good single player but in terms of looks it looked like slightly higher res version of Halo 2

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Pizzagaki3717d ago

Halo should be number one, it defined shooters on consoles, and is still the most story and gameplay driven shooter today.

Dead_Cell3717d ago

Can't really say Halo 3 made the same impact and it doesn't deserve top spot because of what its predecessors achieved.

TheBand1t3717d ago

When you said "Halo 3" and "story" I chuckled.

Halo 1 was console FPS defining. I loved it to pieces. Halo 3 just felt like a watered down fan service.

ico923717d ago

its the top ten first person shooters this generation timesplitters 1,2,3 was released last generation....also metroid prime is a 1st person adventure not a shooter although its an awesome game

DigitalAnalog3717d ago

it failed.

Half-Life 2 deserved that spot.


well half life was on the old xbox so i am not sure if it really counts.

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